Need Help..Engine cutting in and out.


Hello everyone, I have a question that maybe the experienced busa riders might be able to assist me.

I seemed to have developed a problem...I've been having problems with vibrations killing my engine.

It's a problem that comes and first happened a few years back but never thought much about it....did it like twice in a year timeframe.

It disappeared then reappeared just last week. Today it happened 3 times in one day.

Here's the problem...I can be cruising anywhere and all is running cherry.

If I go over some vibrations in the road (like crappy paved roads) the bike will stall for half a second then recover...

I almost killed myself when I went to do a hard acceleration from a stop light and the bike stalled then ripped it again...almost launched without me on the seat. LOL

If I pull the clutch in and go over those little circle brail strips they put in parking structures i'll almost 100% kill the engine requiring a restart.

I can't for the life of me even begin to think of where to look for such a problem.

I thought it was the kickstand so I did a few test runs, went over the brail strips while holding the kickstand with my ankle.

Still stalled.

I am thinking it may have to do with the scorpio ignition kill module. When I went to have it installed they told me they had none in stock, the computer showed 1 but it was a return. 20 minutes later they claimed to have found one. A part of me felt I might have gotten the rejected unit that was returned defective. Everytime I tell my dealership about the problem the claim they can't replicate it. And for a while I couldn't replicate it either. Today reinstilled fear in riding my bike hard again. :please: is pretty much how I feel when I sit on my bike.

I'm gonna strip all the fairings off this weekend and rip out the alarm system to see if it solves the problem.

Can anyone suggest other things to look at while i'm in the wiring of the bike. Does anyone know what this problem could be?
Pull off your seat, underneath it mounted at the base of the gas tank is a brass box about 1 1/2" X 3" if I remember right. It should be mounted at the bolt that holds the gas tank in place. I came down hard from a surprise wheelie once and the force of that caused the bracket supporting this device to break. It's called a tip over sensor.
disconnect the add-on electronics (scorpio) and go for a ride. Alot of times it's the add-ons that may be the cause of a electrical problem. Since it still happens when you pull the clutch lever in I don't think it's the tip-over. It's only active when the clutch lever is not being used.
your one scenario when you launched hard at a stop sign almost sounds like a clogged fuel filter or injector problem
Sorry Devildog I forgot to mention that I ran over vibrations in the road when that happened. I will check out the tip over sensor and remove the alarm components,


I'll let you guys Known how it turned out.:beerchug:
Sounds like a simple loose wire or faulty ground. Check all your connections. Also, check your battery terminals.
Check your ground circuits for shorts. Looks for any signs of chaffed wires or someplace that wires may be rubbing on metal. See if you find the wire casing rubbed through anywhere. But as others have said, I'd deffinitely check the alarm system first. If a contact or something in the alarm is messed up then jarring the module (going over bumps) could cause the issue you're having.
Intermittent problems are the worst, catastrophic are the best clear solution.

I have always found to start at the most fundamental level, it is a painful process. eliminate assumptions following a checklist.

So many times it is a loose wire or bad fuel filter, something you ignored.

kickstand switch was good idea to check


Good luck
Well guys I found the problem. It was what I originally suspected. The ignition kill module from the scorpion alarm system.

I stripped the whole bike down and started tapping on various parts of the bike, eventually I narrowed it down to the kill module. It was extremely sensitive to vibration.

Had the bike idling in neutral. Knocked on the little black box with my knuckle and sure enough the engine died out.

I ended up removing the entire alarm system as I plan to upgrade to the newer model anyway. I know for a fact that I must have gotten the defective return from the dealership. Well lesson learned I don't plan to be doing any shopping business with them for a while. Given that i've dropped about 3G's this year alone might make them appreciate my business when/if I return.

Well i've had a lot of feedback regarding my wiring in my headlight assembly so I went ahead and did the entire wiring on the bike and cleaned everything up. :D

I'll post some pics next weekend once I receive my pmr switch and do a few touch ups here and there.

I find it amazing that no matter how hard to try to make something look nice, once you put it back together only then do you realize you could have something else to make it even nicer. So back in you go over and over it's an endless cycole.
Glad to hear you found the Grimlin :cheerleader: ...... doesn't sound like it was to hard on the troubleshooting skillz either, which is always a plus, BUT if i wear you i'd take that alarm back and tell them to :kissass: :firing: :spank: