Need HELP - Anyone have a PCV (02-07) that they can look at for me?

I'm a bone-head and could use a little assist. I'm doing the 32 bit upgrade on my '99 and am in the process of rewiring the PCV to new connectors. I removed the pins from the PCV 'female' plug (with the male pins) and should have written down which wires went into which slots. As I said,
Does anyone have a PCV for a Gen-1 that they could put eyes on and tell me which pins go in which slot?
Thanx for helping the slow kid over here...
I found this picture on the Internet for a Gen1 PCV connector. I can make out 7 of the wires. As per our conversation, I can look at the one on my busa but I won't be able to until Sunday. If you're still not squared away by that time let me know.

I'd like to say "Thanx!" to So-Cal Blur for all the help. Between my pic, his pic and his drawing I was able to figure this out.
Thanx for all the help!

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