Need Help and advice Losing 2nd gear


I have a 2003 Busa w/3800 miles. The dealership did the initial 600 mile maintence and beyond that I have changed the oil and filter at 1500 and 3500 miles. Properly maintained. nd gear is slipping out of gear whereas it emulates a fanning of the clutch. I took it to the dealer where I purchased the bike and they kept it for about a week. Never opened it up and claimed they are 100% sure my shift forks 2nd/6th gear are bent. Parts are 620.00 and labor 678.00. Suzuki denied the problem is common or a manufacture defect, although I have yet to speak with Suzuki, but will be calling them Monday morning. The dealership said it is a common problem with the Hayabusa and They have never had Suzuki cover this problem in the past. Any advice, feedback, or articles I may be led to that will help my case with Suzuki would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
My advice is to take it to another dealer. With any luck it sounds as if the 1st dealer never even spoke to Suzuki.
I've never heard of that as being a common problem...If that is the case then Suzuki should be responsible for the repair...If you have a claim # chances are that the dealer did file for...It's unfortunate that you have run into this sort of problem...I would call and explain the problem...It may be necessary to write Suzuki a letter in detail of your problem...The only draw back is that it will take alot of time...Man let us know how you come out...Sorry I could not have been of more help...
This makes no sense....If your bike is less than a year old, it is under warranty. Regardless of what is broken, unless they are saying it is because of your abuse, it should be a done deal...
Yup if you have a claim # they said something to Suzuki. I'm not sure what they said seeing as how they never opened up the bike. Suzuki is very tight... Usually wants a detailed claim... ie exactly what parts are damaged sometimes they eeven want to look at them. Hard to do if the dealer won't even open her up. You need another dealer.