I need some drag boots. I have seen a bunch of guys that have the simpson boots that look like they are just for motorcycle racing, but I can't find them anywhere. I tried the Simpson site, but ALL I see is the driving ones? Anyone got these? I don't want roadrace boots, I want the ones you see the pro's use. Any help is appreciated..
Put On your Boots...Then DRAG them behind you...Instant Drag Boots.... :tounge:

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Thats the boots that I have.
Neat plastic replacable toe pieces.

If you are gonna be draggin the toe, they are a must!

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Dood, there's no need for you to show everyone here your gay riding shoes!!!!

<marquee>Not that there's anything wrong with wearing gay clothing or anything or admitting it like you did so well there!</marquee>
Bates has been custom-crafting boots (and leathers) for bikers for many years. You can download a fitting kit that assures a correct fit in your choice of styles and colors. These are true drag boots--lightweight and soft with low heels and metal toe "sliders".

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Thanks for the info!! I'll probably need to go with the Bates or something like em'. Does anyone have the simpsons?
I like the Sidis' because you can replace the toes.
The others you can't.
When they are gone................there gone!
Simpson's don't even have a toe protector, they go QUICK!

You're only gonna wear em for 8 seconds. :tounge:

Ok, 9. :super: