Need details on Hump Notch

The Oracle knows of what she speaks..... :bounce:
Bolt the rail on, slip the hump over top of it as close to fitting as possible, mark it with whatever........take it off, grab yer dremel, and start eatin away bit by bit till it fits perfect........took me about 15 mins at the most.
Just be very'll be fine. :beerchug:
I used the dremel with a barrel sander on it. Worked great. Just take a little at a time and don't push too hard.
I used a hand jig saw then used sand paper and a file to finish it to size. I don't trust a Dremel on my baby, too easy for it to get away from you.

And of course the reason to notch is not so much to make the bike look cool but to allow quicker changes from passeneger to hump (IMHO).
Can't offer advice on how to do it since previous owner did all the cutting, but here is how it looks.
Oops, forgot to attach picture. Here it is...