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At the end of this year I am going to have the opportunity to put myself on a bike for the first time
. i am seriously considering buying a hayabusa. I know this is probably a VERY bad idea but being a college student with a part time job its not like i can just piss out 2-3 g's for a learner bike then spend ANOTHER 8-10 g's for a real bike (hayabusa). My dad has harley which i have been learning to ride on although i suppose the two bikes are as indifferent as can be. I know its a bad idea to get a hayabusa as my first bike but i just dont want to spend thousands on a bike that i will be bored with in a year. I intend to keep the bike i buy (hopefully a busa) for a long long time. basically i just want to know if you guys think i'm gonna kill myself (i'm not planning on riding above 100mph for a LONG time by the way). :confused: Also my Dad rode a busa that he borrowed from a friend, he commented that the engine is so powerful that anything more than slight pressure on the throttle can send it into a wheelie (something a newbie like myself would not be able to control). Is this an exageration or is the throttle really that sensitive. Thanks for the advice.
<span style='color:darkblue'>TyphoonRider,

The Busa is butt-load of bike for a first-timer.  I think most of the people here would probably agree.  In first or second, cracking the throttle aggressively can be dangerous.

Even for an experience rider, the Busa can be a lot to handle.  You didn't mention any vitals (weight, height, etc.), so I'll tell you what I would tell a friend if he/she was in college and asked me if they should get a Busa.  I would definitely say "no".

If you're in college, if you went with a Honda Interceptor, you'd have a lot of performance and a very forgiving bike.  Insurance can really screw riders, especially if the engine displacement is over 800cc.

I know it's probably not what you wanted to hear, but that's my $0.02.  Good luck!</span>
The thing with an older bike is that in a year you can still probably sell it for what you paid for it, so you aren't really pissing away the money. Busa parts are expensive if you put it down, not to mention medical bills. I can't really say don't buy a busa as a first bike, but it isn't the best choice for everyone.
I'm 6' tall, 180 lbs.. Again i know that its probably one of the worst decisions i could make for a first bike to learn on but i have been hopelessly in love with the busa since the first time i saw one. I like the R6, R1, and Honda 929 but the difference between those bikes and the busa is that when an R1 goes by i feel like, oh cool another R1
... but when i see a hayabusa i feel like, OH MY GOD THAT BIKE IS A SEX-GODESS ON WHEELS :bounce: !!! I can't really sum it up in words, i dont want the busa to go corner carving or to quadruple any speed limits, i just plain love the bike. Also i have been thinking about splitting the cost of a cheap old sportbike with my brother for the both of us to learn on (Dad wont let me drive his $25000 harley on the street) what would you guys suggest we buy (around $1500-$2000) it doesnt need to be pretty or fast, just cheap and a good learner. thanks again
Welcome to the board Typhoonrider.
Since you like sportbikes, I would start with one if I were you.
My first, was a 90 Honda VFR 750, these have plenty of power
for a first bike, and are still forgiving.
Price range is in your ballpark also.
Or try an older zx-7 or gsxr 750, you can pick these up chaeap.
Your dad is 100% right about the throttle control it is very senitive. That was the first thing I notice about the bike the first time I rode it and I have been riding for 5 years and 12000 mile a year. There are a lot of less expensive bikes out there that will give you all the power you need, plus they want up you on your a## as quickly. Good luck, take it all in you will make the right call
BTW - sign up for the MSF beginners course (if you haven't already) ASAP. Then, after you have had bike for a couple of months, take the advanced MSF course. Both are very informative and great classes.

I had been riding for 12 years before taking the beginners class and I learned some things there!
i'm in the exact same situation. the whole bit. college, not wanting to drop 4 grand on a bike that'll i'll be bored with in a year, i'm even the same size! it's scary.. i thought i might have posted it. but i didn't. imust have taken the same pharmaceutical product. the Busa is a thing to pine over.
but what i lack is good experince. all i've ridden is my Dad's old suzuki 400 dirt bike. albeit quite a bit, but that thing will pull right over backwards if you turn on it.
i was thinking about getting a gixxer 600, expensive i know.. but maybe it'll tide me over untill i can afford a Busa. and .. hehe... ride one safely. but then again all you gotta do is respect the bike and what it can do. plus if i buy a new one i gotta break it in. and go slow for a couple months. plus if i got one then i wouldn't have to get used to it after riding a lesser bike. and honestly i have no doubt i could ride one. (i'm sure to get yelled at for that one eh?)
ahh well. any ideas?
GO to the First time void and have a quick look around, and read what has been written lately on the subject.

Also, This thread from got alot of attention and should help.
(i'm not planning on riding above 100mph for a LONG time by the way).  
is it just me OR has there been a plague of these "My first bike is gonna be a 'Busa" type threads .
I LOVE IT . "I'm gonna ride the wings of the Falcon".
The really neat thing about todays world :super:?:super:

They can always use 'em to identify the body .

Kiddin'....juz kiddin' . :super:
I had just turned 21 when I got my Busa. It wasn't the first bike I road, but it was the first sports bike I had been on. I was really nerves when I picked; I didn't want to drop it on the way out of the parking lot or something worse. But anyway, I did just fine having the Busa as my first bike.

Just respect the power and watch out for the sensitive throttle. A bump in the road can make your hand slip causing a sudden burst of power.

I paid $110 dollars a month for insurance, 250 decidable and additional medical coverage. That was through State farm.

Good luck deciding, and if you go with the Busa know your limits.

When I was much younger... I wanted a Honda Interceptor, Buddy of mine had one and it was the hottest Thing around.
I got to looking for what I could afford, ended up on a KZ400.. lots of fun, very dependable, had a ball running the streets! That was 1980. or so...
But I wanted the HOT bike,, If you can ride a bike ,you can ride most any bike, if you dont have the sense to ride a FAST bike, then dont. Im sure there are many that are killed every year on Mopeds and Im sure I can find some statistics to prove it.
Im now 38 and have the Hot bike, hard to maintain control of my senses at times, but the insurance is cheap HAHAHAHA
(only time I can mention my age and laugh)
If your new to riding, get a small bike and learn, the Busa does seem to have too much power for a newbie, err... well a young rider.

"With youth comes learning, with age comes wisdom"
And with speed comes, points against you license....... and higher premiums..... :) COP thing....