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black diamond busa

Team Jacob
So I found a track that's not too far away and want to try going to it 2-3 times a month all next summer. This will be my first time going and hopefully it will be fun. These are my plans for this winter so any insight is welcome.

Slave support mod
New clutch fiber and steels (stock OK?)
3 heavy duty clutch springs
Welded clutch mod
Spare rim with shinko hookup
Dyno tune (I think she's running too rich)
Clean TBs, sync them, new plugs.
Lowering strap?

That's all I can think of to do to start off with. I want to keep it street able.

What's done so far
Lowered 3/4 front stock rear
Extended 5.5-6
K&N air filter
Full hindle exhaust
Stock gearing but 43 tooth is sitting on the shelf
R1 throttle tube

After a lot of reading I know I will need more practice than anything but we all want to mod the bikes during winter and figured most of those are cheap to do. Now I know that the most work to do is get the 60 down as low as I can. Just wondering what everybody thinks my bike is capable of doing? 01 with 32,000 miles and I weigh 145lbs.
with what you wiegh I bet with alot of practice you can get LOW 9's. put that 43 on and drop the front one tooth. lower your tire pressure down to about 20lbs. strap the front tight and practice getting to full throttle as fast as you can . I'm sure some of the big drag guys will help you out here.
OK thanks a lot. I was really wondering what the bike would be capable of with my weight on it. I know it will be a lot of practice but gives me a goal before throwing more money at it. Do you think I should lower the rear for the dragstrip or stock height OK? Thanks for your input
Looks like you got it figured out bud. I would say go for a little more gear even. I'm currently -2 and +5, gonna try -2 and plus 8 tonight! :D If you go faster, keep adding gear! That's my new motto
I would ditch that K&N air filter and get a BMC race or Piper Cross. Never heard anything good said about them :whistle:
Im no technical guru but every thread Ive ever read about air filters and dyno results said the K&N was always rated the lowest and most restrictive of all even worse than the stock filter
At you weight you may not need to, but I'd drop to a 16t front, and possibly up to a 45t rear. Get rid of the K&N, and soften up the rear shock. You dont say if it's a Gen I or II, but I'd back the compression adjuster all the way soft and turn the rebound up so the back end squats quickly and comes up slowly. That will take some experience to figure out where it's going to work best for you. I cant tell you at what psi the hookup works, but the spare wheel with another tire thing gets old. A PowerOne, or a Shinko 003 U-soft lasts well enough on the street unless you're riding around doing burnouts all the time, and both work between 15-20psi on the strip.

After that, practice, practice, practice. Also, take notes! My biggest regret my first year or probably two of drag racing was not writing down what was working and what wasnt. Keep a pinky behind the clutch lever, and use the adjuster to get it so it's starting to pull not far off your pinky.
Thanks for the advice. Its a 2001 so a gen1. I can see the spare tire getiing old to change but I do a lot of highway riding so going back to stock gearing and a longer lasting tire is a most for how little drag racing I will be doing. Also thanks for the starting point on the rear shock because that's one of the few things I couldn't find reading this section