Need advice ASAP!!! CO2 air shifter install


Installing a Cycle Tek CO2 air shifter with an ecu harness (ignition and fuel kill through ecu) and the horn won't honk but when I flip the switch, the solenoid clicks like it should. I'm only turning the key to the on position-not starting the bike. Why is the horn not honking? And what are some ideas on how to fix this issue? This kit is 100% plug & play.
Maybe pulled the horn wire loose... I haven't clue tho just a thought... Someone will know
Go back through and double check your connections. Shoot matt an email also if that doesn't fix it

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Thanks guys... I sent an email to Matt and he advised me to wiggle the connections around the horn and if that didn't work, a pole within the switch might be bad.
Cool glad he could help! Any questions that I have had he has answered very quickly and has helped me with other problems that I have had as well.

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