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My friend and I are planning on a trip in May and we want to take our bikes with us. We have access to a flatbed Trailer to put both bikes on but we're not sure on how to secure them without the threat of them tipping over. Should we get a stand to put them on and then an extra support bar for the front tire? Not sure where to go with this one.


I use a wheel chock to keep the bike stable on the trailer and to strap everything down I use a Canyon Dancer Bar Harness and soft hook extensions and some good quality tie downs.

You can pick this stuff up at your local dealer or online.  I  use when ordering online.  I've never had any problems with these guys, good prices and the order arrives when they say it will.


dood honestly, if you need to rig a trailer, just go to UHAUL and rent one for like $10 a day. then buy some handlebar straps and some rachet tie-downs from walmart or a auto parts store, and you're all set.

You need to have your front or rear tire secured from sliding left/right, then you need to tie down from your handlebars and passenger footpegs.

Very important, when you are strapping the bike down, have someone sit on the seat and squish the suspension and tighten it down, this will prevent the bike front bouncing during bumbs, email me at if you have any questions. Get a UHAUL trailer if it's a one day thing



I never thought about Uhaul. Thanks Mike...If they don't have any to rent there then I'll order the chocks and modify the trailer we'll be using. Thanks for the help.


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I never thought about Uhaul.  Thanks Mike...If they don't have any to rent there then I'll order the chocks and modify the trailer we'll be using.  Thanks for the help.
U-Haul is a good idea, but the cheapest 8' trailer (enclosed) I could find was $16.95 a day. Don't skimp on securing the bike, new paint and parts is "no-fun."

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