Need a quick answer


I am about to leave to my local motorcycle accessory shop and I need to pick up a double bubble wind screen.......does the brand matter and if so which one should I look for/stay away from?:super:???

Zero Gravity is the named dropped most often. $70-80 ish I think. Get what you like. :)
Now for your next question...How to remove the screen?  Real simple,

Should take care of the install, It really is just them two hex bolts and their little rubber inserts...

Thanx rev that was going to be my next question......but not for a few days.....they had to order the screen for me it will be in in a few days :mad: got the double buble smoke
I was thinking of getting a new screen - but - my only concern was Suzuki have spent a fortune getting the busa so air o dinamic and will a new screen effect this ?

I don't know - just my thoughts........
IF your goal is ultimate top speed, you know de-restricted running up around 190 or so an after market screen and it's effects on aero dynamics could be a concern. But in the real world it comes down to a couple of things. Are you short enough that you can see the tops of your gauges with the stock screen in place? And are you satisfied with how and where the wind hits you with the stock screen?
Replacing the stock screen is a simple and quick way to alter the looks a little, (I think for the Better) and give you a little better wind protection while letting you see all of the gauges...
Ok, I guess now may be the time...I have a zero gravity lt. smoke double bubble for $50 shipped to your door. Also a Speedscreen black chrome stock configuration $35 shipped to your door. Let me know...Bob