Need a Microfiche


Hayabusa Immortal
File currently down. I didn't quite expect 5GB of bandwidth to be sucked away so quickly.



Dis in my way!
Staff member
Narcissus your graphics are smooth on your web site, good job. I have not looked at the manuals yet, are they in good form, I was thinking of putting them online.... Are they copyrighted or anything? Give me your input...



Hayabusa Immortal
These are PDF versions I got from requests on, I've been the middle-man for these. They are very nice quality, not the scanned versions that were offered last month. As far as copyrights, I'm sure posting these once is fine, especially since most people getting them seem to already have the OEM printed version and want this one for convenience, but I can't vouch for Suzuki being happy about seeing them as a public download on this site.

Unfortunately, I had to take these down until the end of the month. I've exceeded my bandwidth already in two short days with almost a thousand requests for this one file.



Dis in my way!
Staff member
If you can FTP them to me I will make arrangements here to put them up page by page and viewers can review them online.. I have a T1 at my house so bandwidth is not an issue. If you can FTP them let me know and I will create a login for ya.. It would be nice to be able to pull the manual up page at a time for those that are not on broadband...



Hayabusa Immortal
I can FTP them to you. I tried setting my own connection up for FTP, but I can't figure a way around my router and firewall (I just end up with the re-routed IP#, so only computers on my side of the router can see my FTP site). Besides, I have a pathetic 25 k/sec upload with cable.

Email me the FTP info and I'll send the files...



Hayabusa Immortal
Didn't get it yet. Make sure nothing bounced. My email might just be going through the occasional fluke right now.
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