Neck Pain?


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Hey folks. This is my first non-cruiser and I am LOVING the busa. I think the thing I like the most is it is easy to ride and easy to grow into. Speaking of growing into it I just took it over 4000 rpm for the first time today. Boy does she sound good at higher rpms:)

My problem though... I am getting some neck pain sometimes. Could it be my posture? Do I just need to strengthen the muscles in my neck?

I have always ridden my cruiser sitting upright with a little novelty half-helmet that weighs about 3 ounces or so. Now that I have the full helmet do you think I just need to get used to it? Do some working out with the neck muscles? IS it my posture?

Anyone have this problem?



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What's Up, I think you just need to get used to your BUSA, time in the saddle will cure all your aches and pains, You aren't used to a sportbike like the BUSA but over time your body will give in to your new riding style. It just takes a little time so until then HANG ON AND ENJOY THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE !


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Oh good, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't sitting wrong or something.

Thanks guys, I will endure. If someone told me I had to break bones and reset them at different angles to ride this thing I don't think I would even hesitate.

Time to do some neck lifts and strengthen this sucka.


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If you are sitting up and fighting the wind with your neck then you may have that problem.

That may depend on how tall you are. my .02
Hope you guys don't get upset with my 0.2 but it could be your WEIGTH. yes your body weight
I had been putting on weight shooting for sizes
and now that I have leanend out getting ready for a show all of the discofort I had before is gone. like my wrist my back my neck even my right hand falling asleep.
but that could just be me.

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I took a long ride last neck was sore for a week. No lie. Arch your back....concentrate on upright posture, it will help a lot.

I ride with Lamb busa on weekends, he has great riding posture.....he keeps me honest.


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Well to be honest I have minor back problems too but they all pain goes away while I ride this thing. I am doing the whole back arching thing too. I *think* my posture is ok but I do catch myself all hunched over sometimes. So post me a picture of LambBusa if you could... That will at least tell me if I am sitting correct?

I agree weight might contribute but I don't think need to worry about that one;) Thanks though!

HeavyBusa: I have been ridign my cruiser for years without a windshield so I can't imagine I am not used to the wind ya know? I think just the angle of my head where I keep it may be the issue. POSTURE.

I think our first posters may have had it dead on, I need to get used to it AND keep an eye on my posture.

Again, thanks folks.

Devil Dog

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I don't have any pics of he is faster than the speed of light, thus he has never been photographed on his Busa.


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Hey Spike,

If you're a tall person, then the natural tendency is to lock your elbows which can cause shoulder/neck discomfort. Remember to bend the elbows, and there are ways to change the handlebars (risers, etc.). I've got Helibars and love them. There are also Genmar and Reaper Risers.


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I have Pingle lowering bushings on mine up front, they lower the front 1" and a byproduct is raising the handlebars 1" in relation to the seat. So you are in a more upright posture, with any sort of back problems this is something you might want to do. The bushings are $45, risers for the bars that do not lower the front are more expensive- $150 and up.


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Every year for the first few long rides I have neck strain until I get use to the helmet/head position. Then, NO PROBLEM. You'll get use to it by strengthing muscles you generally don't use  


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my friend gets neck pain also, he weares a 1/2 helmet HD. i sugested that he weares his hard hat at work more often to strenthin his neck muscles, i weare mine always at work. it helped him.mabe try some type of neck workout.
just my 2.5cents


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Same problem with neck pain at first. Has become a non-issue. You will figure out the riding position that works best for you.


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I feel it as well on the longer rides (200+ miles), but one thing that has seemed to help is switching to a lighter helmet. I wear a Suomy now, and it is sooo light compared to the Shoei I was wearing before. Of course, the throttlemeister helps too when I'm cruising on a straight stretch and can sit up straight, move my shoulders around, etc.


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You may have a lot of time in the cruiser saddle, but that doesn't mean that you are completely at ease on a sportbike.

While you know how to ride, I am might be subconsciously "posturing" in a stiff manner because of the significant body position change from your cruiser.

Sportbike ergos require a rider position that is, be honest, a position that reflects urgency, attention, focus, like a leopard preparing to spring into action.

Cruiser body position is more relaxed and laid back...and thus so is the mind.

Just get used to the new ergonomical requirements of riding the busa, and eventually it will feel at home for you, and you will notice the neck stiffness is a thing of the past.

Same for your wrists and arms. If they are sore or stiff, it is because you are subconsciously tensing up in sensory overload.

I think that the more you ride the better you will feel.
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