NC Meet up in Greensboro?..Anybody?


Comin' back stronger than ever!
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Made it home. Great seeing everyone and getting to do some ridin'. Personally I felt a little disappointed about the trip. :whistle: :laugh:


Papa Smurf
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Had a GREAT RIDE, Nice seeing everyone, Nice meeting ORGBUSA, GUNMETAL. We'll have to do this more often Ahhh.

I have some pics too.

The rest of you NC guys missed out :tongue4:

Picture 006.jpg

Picture 040.jpg

Picture 044.jpg

Picture 046.jpg

Picture 076.jpg

Picture 041.jpg
Had a great time fellas, long ride back though. I really wish I would have brought my camera, good thing to know for next time I guess. Loomis- thanks for the meet up. WhiteLE-Thanks for the good ride up through Va. I'll PM you guys my e-mail for the rest of those pics, glad that the first ride with you guys went so well. Had a bunch of fun
:beerchug: EVERYONE thanks and glad to see old and new faces! Glad everyone made it home safe! I made it home safe, but wife had the BEAK, because I came in jump in the shower and went to work. Long night got off this morning at 0500L! Great ride!!!! O' GREAT PICS :whistle:!
whitele......sorry but Loomis takes better picks :rofl: j/k
Of course if his camera was snappin' the pics of those azzes like that.....he was riding ALONE! No passenger this ride I bet. :rofl: Tell me I'm wrong John ? :laugh:

Looks like good times had by all. Look forward to the next one. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
New pics extended the bike a little today ! Also a pic of my new tattoo i have the kanji logo at the top of my arm hard to see in the light but getting everything colored in in 2 weeks.




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