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  • California

    Votes: 131 100.0%
  • Colorado

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Black Hills South Dakota

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Utah

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Blue Ridge area (North Carolina,Tennesee)

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I think OK is the place to have the first one. Don't know what we would do there but hang out at the Captains but that is in the middle!!

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Yhea, Howlin I think we need a new poll with all possibilities. OK would work for me long long hsul but OK for OK.
ernaehrung019.gif Did a little map checking, and if you take a stright line from Washington DC (east coast) to LA (west coast) the middle is a city called Great Bend, Kansas. although this is the center, the caculated miles to dirve via roads looks like this:
From LA 1,484 miles
From DC 1,401 miles
the added road miles from LA is do to driving through the rockies
By the way it is also the center from north to south.
The closest area thats in the poll to this point would be colorado which is about 165 miles west of Great Bend,KS. to the Colorado border.
These are just rough figures but should be petty close

ernaehrung004.gif Ya Hank, I think your right, looks like blue ridge, Have you ever rode there before? Thats some Dam good riding down there! I've had some of my best rides in that area.
But like I said before, I'll go where ever people think it will work. biggrin.gif
Curtis, I only have only rode west of the Mississippi river and Wisconsin. I haven't a clue about the smoky mountains. Is the weather nice in the summer?
ernaehrung004.gif Hank, Go to theres alot of information you can look at to get a better idea about the riding in that area, links, maps, and accomodation info.

I personaly have always had great times and good weather when I've went there, I usally go somtime in July, but also was there in October one year, and was still blessed with good weather . biggrin.gif
baaa.gif Hey Hank if you can figure out a date to make the blue ridge run you should try to shedule it at the same time as the Honda Hoot it's in knoxville, TN and I hear it's a blast.  I guess deals gap has 318 turns in 11 miles sounds like busa heaven to me.....Hey let me know ...I'm in! ernaehrung004.gif
Need a lot more planning and input from all of you Busa rider’s to pull anything off this year. Got top keep the interest going - need more votes on the National Poll?External Links Missing
Maybe we should think about possible dates, just to give us something to shoot for. That gives us all plenty of lead time.
Sometime in middle or late August? The more time to plan, the better.Even if it's informal this year.

I live in NC and ride the Blue Ridge mountains several times a year. The site seeing is great, and the roads are great. There are also a lot of tourist attractions in the area. That way if you are gonna make a family vacation out of it your significant other and the children have some to do to entertain themselves. You can gamble on the Cheerokee reservation which is only a hop skip and jump from deal's gap. There is also rafting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, old rail roads, crafts, the biltmore house, etc.

the other things to look at are accomodations and timing. If we want to stay near deals gap or in knoxville. I'ld recommend we check the dates. If there is a major event the hotel cost may be prohibitive for some, if we can find accommodations at all.

If we decide to meet there then let me know and i will try to get some information on housing and activity brochures together.

Personally I would like to take a ride thru the smokies. biggrin.gif
The west coast also would be nice, anythings better than a lap around 465 (highway that makes a circle around indianapolis, funny to hear about people comming to indy for the race and end up going in circles around 465).

Hey!! WHO UP FOR DOING THE IRON BUTT???? ernaehrung019.gif biggrin.gif lachen011.gif

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