Naked Busie


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Got kinda hot here so I stripped down the busie... nah was just doin some work on her and snapped a few.

OH Yeah, Full Frontal Busa Nudity...Oh Yeah....Oh...Oh...Oh thats good stuff....Won't the Cap'n mind you posting this kinda smut?....Oh good stuff...
Hawaii I did not think it got that hot across the pond? The bike looks sweet! She has a nice figure!
Hey this is a family site put some clothes on that thing.
I think you need to repost that you now live state side. That is the second time in the last few days that someone has made the "across the pond" statement. LOL
Yeah Jim I know, maybe I should change my handle? C&H? ( like the sugar )

Hey Bullet, whats your 20? I now reside, temporarily in north sacramento valley, Chico. Yah college party town ... yada, yada... lots of eye candy here though.