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With everything that the "STUNNAH" has suffered as of late the "STUNNAH" was still able to make his scheduled appearance at Myrtle Beach...Man I don't have the words to describe it...It was completely off the scale...Beautiful women all over the place and some nice bikes to...I'm not sure but at least 3 people were killed in accidents so the "STUNNAH" rode with extreme caution...I know some other members were there and I apologize for not having been able to provide you with contact info but I had lost all communications here...Anyway I hope that any member that went had the hell of a time that "STUNNAH" did and returned home as you had left...Myrtle Beach next year???HELL YEAH!!!
Now you see that Stunnah, that's bullsh^t! Why do you go to a major event like Myrtle Beach and don't post any pictures? I realize that the devastation you felt a couple weeks ago was still fresh in your mind, but DAMN! You could haul your a$$ to Myrtle, but you couldn't take any pictures? Man, you're a sorry muthafatha. Anyway, I was just trying to get you riled up again and ready to handle business like you always do. BTW, did by any chance you meet some guys from Lake Charles (Louisiana) down there? Six of my riding buddies went down there. They left Thursday afternoon to head there. There were two Busas (black/grey and blue/silver), one ZX9 (copper), one ZX6 (blue), one R1 (purple), and one Gixxer1000 (black/yellow/grey). There should have been 6 bikes on a 16ft trailer being towed by a blue Suburban. Just curious. I just wanted to see if my boys represented Dat Dirty South.

Glad you had a good time. maybe next year i will head to M. beach instead of Daytona. The weather just suxks in daytona, to early in the year.
BTW, the guy that rides the Gixxer1000 has mad skills. His nickname is "Racey", and believe me when I say that the name applies.

Thanx G-Spot (sorry Greg, but I just like the hell outta that nickname), I'm glad someone is coming to my rescue before the Stunnahman gets a hold to this. Probably is gonna wanna whip my a$$ again.

I don't know what you are talking about since I don't know a word of english... But there are no portuguese forums about anything as interesting as the Hayabusa, so I need to stick here... Could you please just post more pictures so I can have some fun, please?
Thank you,
yours truly

You might have seen some of my partners up there......Red GSXR 1000, polished frame, red wheels, always doin wheelies, with a 03 Grey 1000 with Pacemaster on the side and a Zebra striped 900RR.....they all went but we had already decided to hit the track.
You see that Stunnahman? Are you reading all this and listening to your audience? We want pictures man!

I'm glad you had a good time with all the controversy.Lets see those pix man roll that beautiful butt I mean bike footage.
Pics to come...Forgot the digital and had to use throw aways will have them but on disk then I'll show you some of the "Hotties" I saw...A$$es up...
Stunnah glad you had a safe trip, but sorry i didn't catch up with any of you guys i was there thur-monday
man, dont they have 1hr photos places in the Dirty South. wheres  the pics

you should have seen all my homies from South Jersey, they went 30 deep