My wifes first trackday


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Some of you probably know my wife Katie from all the Hayabusa Bashs and meet and greets we have attended the last few years. Two years ago she got her license and I haven't been able to slow her down since.

This past year with encouragement from a few orgsters, especially Busagirl4444, Motochris, and Captain. Katie wanted to try her first track day. So yesterday we went up to Blackhawk Farms in northern Illinois and she rode her first track day.

She has a 09 Yamaha FZ6R and did a great job with it. The bike is by no means a track bike but she kept up with a lot of bikes that were. And had a blast doing it. She has already signed up for another run next month.

I'm Hoping to run next month also as long as she can find someone to hold the umbrella for her so I don't have to. :laugh:

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I praised her on Facebook, but I'll do it here too! Keep me posted on the next one, it's not too far from me to Blackhawk. :beerchug:
Katie would also like me to add the she was wearing my leathers. The leathers were huge on her, as she can see the pucks around her ankles. :laugh:
Nothing like a girl on a bike! But when she happens to be your wife - takes it to another level!!!

Good for her. I hear you guys saw my brother also. I may come down and be a spectator for the 10th.
:cheerleader:HELL YEAH!!! Way to go Katie. I am so so so so so excited. Can't wait to compare our notes. I'm thinking that ummm for Christmas you may need a custom suit. Ummm just sayin hint hint hint. LOL if you need my leathers you know they are yours girl. My suit will be in soon or by my next track day. :cheerleader:

Told you guys us girls are taking over. HEHEHEHEHE Katie you are now my hero too.. I am so proud of you. Absolutely awesome!! You ROCK!!!

I won't be able to come up to watch for the 10th, to many conferences happening. HAHAHAHA Hopefully I'll get to watch or or or you could come with us in August. HEHEHEHE

Love ya girl. Hugs You look great
Good for her. I hear you guys saw my brother also. I may come down and be a spectator for the 10th.

Katie and Kurt ran in the same group.

Kevin, Hope you can make it next month, Bring Bots with you. It will be a lot of fun. :thumbsup: