My Sunday Ride...........


Never Forgotten
My Sunday ride as promised to Dadofthree

Posted on our forum by our admin guy.

Well the sun was shinng brightly as we left home heading for the outpost to meet pete with whoever else was gonna show, 10 minutes away and the heavens opened up and we were drenched, all good, just a bit of water but f**k me it was cold

anyway, get to the outpost and see pommie git and kerry and tanya there with pete and kerry just down the road and a phone call from suzukirder saying to wait for them ( big woosie hid undercover from the rain :lol:)... it was thunder and lightning and I was just looking after my Busa....:thumbsup:

by the time we left, the sun was out again so off down bibadabada rd thru to beauy, rathdowney and a regroup and a smoke and trickle stop

This god damn crazy dog there kept bring a stick to be thrown and didnt really want to know about the guide post suzukirider was trying to give it:lol:

up the mt lindsay and another regroup at the top of summerland and onto woodenbong and kangaroo creek rd towards urbanville, must have been the day for animals as we near had a roo as a bonet ornament on the spyder , missed it by inches i reckon

at urbanville we all put out our food, drinks and bits n pieces that anyone could carry and it turned into quite the help yourself smorgasbord, good feed had by all

from there we got some fuel then back to woodenbong, onto the summerland ( full of potholes everywhere ) and up lyons rd to the lookout where we all played trains ( you'll have to see the pics to figure that one out ) will post when available

as we left there, kerry decided to do her best impersonation of a turtle when she fell over getting on petes bikes, hope your back feels better now kerry

onto the driver reviver back in beauy for a cuppa and a couple bikkys and off to home as it started getting dark

thx to all you who braved the weather and turned up, another great day out with you all.

I have a pic of our lunch stop.
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