My seats came in today!

My new image seats came in today and turned out great! Well atleast from the pictures! I cannot wait to put these on and go for a ride in about 3 weeks!!!

Picture 039.jpg

Picture 054.jpg

Picture 140.jpg

Picture 023.jpg


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how much were they? hey, idea.....send 'em to me, i'll tell ya how they and get 'em back to ya b4 the 3 weeks...:laugh:
oldschool what faberic and what not did you go with... This is the black carbon fiber with red stiching and two tone black on top of red Kanji with no logo on the back. I didnt want to red Kanji to stand out too much and I think it turned out great!
they were 227 from New Image... What part of IL are you from? I will be down in southern IL in the begining of september if you want to ride.
I forgot to mention you do have to send him your seat pan. I know may people were wondering if you needed to send your stock foam... I gave my old seat cover to the guy who does the work on my bike and he took the foam too so I just sent my seat pans they they came back looking like this. So you do not have to send your foam.

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