My review of Brock's clutch mods.


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Well as some of you may know I recently installed the clutch and cushion mod on my '05 Busa. I used the supplied springs and I have to say ... I felt like I had to relearn how to ride my bike. I have had my bike for over 2 years and stalled it twice in that time period. After installing the clutch and cushion mod, I stalled at least 5 times in as many minutes.

A few things I didn't like about it was the effort required to hold the clutch in due to the stiffer springs. I might be able to tolerate it at the track, but constantly having to pull it in during normal street riding would have been too much for me. Another thing I didn't like was the fact I had to keep the clutch pulled in all the way. The slightest release would cause the bike to want to pull away. Now I'm not saying the cushion is a bad thing, I'm just saying ~I~ didn't want to take the time to get a true feel for it. The instructions clearly state my times would get worse before they get better (you must adjust to it) and I'm sure they WOULD get better with this mod. The thing with me is ... well, to keep it short ... I haven't ridden in over a month and I just wanted to hop back on my bike and get a pleasureable ride in.

Anyways, I removed the cushion mod as well as the springs and kept the golden hub in as well as utilized the spacers with the stock springs. Although the clutch seems a bit harder than stock, it isn't anywhere NEAR as tough as the cushion springs. Not only that but I was able to feel an instant difference between the stock setup and the clutch mod. I didn't have too much time to test it out ... just practiced a few launches on my street, but the smoothness of this thing is remarkable!

I finished installing it over the weekend and my long work hours during the week prevent me from doing much of anything. The fairings are still off of the bike in case I had to make any adjustments, plus I plan on adding a few LED lights to the bike. That being the case, I'll put the bike back together this weekend and really get a feel for the new clutch. So far though, I gotta say I'm impressed.
So all a guy would need to order would be the golden hub and the spacers right?
The spacers come with the hub ... but yes, that's all I'd get. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of selling the cushion. Ironically, I bought it from a member here who only made one pas on it ...
Sweet, great info, I am planning all of my mods for the end of riding season!
(nitrousjunkie @ Aug. 09 2007,01:15) Try it with every other spring replaced with the new springs.
that's a good compromise if you do more in traffic ridding and less track country road ridding.

I have to say that after adjusting the lever pull on my ckutch and a little getting used to things I wouldn't go back to stock. Brock's cushion is another great product for it's purpose. For mostly street ridding is does give your forearm a workout.

as for stalling... ya' got ta' give it more throttle my man!
Nightcrawler, I watch that video everytime you post, I LOVE THAT THING !!! DON'T EVER GET RID OF IT !!