My pic finally

My pic doesn't look that good but the believe me when rolling this baby I got a helmet on and people are checking out the bike ....

I'm gonna figure out how to use the remote for this digital camera if it kills me. lol
is that backrest for you?? hahah... j/k
Cache naw its attached to the rear Corbin seat..I was setting it up for the wife to ride with me.

Barcharles what can I say
Oh noooo!  Not a "NUPE" in tha house...

Just what I was about to say...Dez you don't look anything like you avatar...You appear to be cool and your bike is straight...ANd I'm cool with that...
Dezzy, you are a vet on the board, but I don;t recall where you are from.

The bike looks good!

No comment about you!
I ordered the headlight cover of ebay. You can order it in black,blue, red, etc.... Thanks for the compliments, I wasn't sure how it was going to look. Its pre-cut (lololol right) but you still have to trim it.

Twistit -did you get my tele# I'll pm and give it to you as well as the hotel because sometimes you can't get through on the celly.
You look Mahvelous!!! Nice pic Dezzz....... Nice to finally put a face with the personality!!