My other toy


Here "Shee" is my banshee 2 many goodies 2 list!

LQQks like Herebie the love bug :laugh: . You'll be having fun this winter while I will catching a case of cabin fever .
Hey, mine looks just like that, except for it has a Cascade seat on it in some stupid color, and a lengthened swingarm, and wide axles......oh yeah and my tires are pretty bald right now........betta get new ones soon I guess.

These are the most awesome quads out there if ya mod them a bit.

Nice ride Bull :beerchug: :thumbsup:
My other toy:

Look fast but my slowest motorcycle kicks my blown vet's arse in the 1/4. :tounge:

I'm from Corning, ny and I drive through watkins every weekend to go to my place at seneca lake. SMALL world isn't it!!

Looks like it eats quite a bit!! KICK ARSE VET. This all just goes to show that we are all power freaks!
Thanks BulletTrain! :D  It's a hoot on the track! This pic was from a parade lap so no speed. :sad:

Hey TheBull350 I'll be at the Glen in a few weeks! There's a BMW club race there. I'll be crewing for a friend
I'm a weekend BMW mechanic.  :D Engineer full time.
Hey bull, please post a list of mods to your sheeeeeee, I love them nasty M*&^%r F@#$%^rs.

And Bullet train, Open the hood on that Beeeeetch. I wanna see what's under there. By the way in looks shiny, did you use Zaino?:super:?