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My older sister Suzy was diagnosed with Lukemia in January 06'.  They found it in her blood test. She's fought it all year and had it in remission till last week when she had a chest bump biopsy performed. I was informed as of 4:30 this afternoon that she will need to have a bone marrow transplant. The doctor working with her said he's never seen this come back so quickly.
The hospital recommended Memphis or Seattle as they apparantly are the best 2 places in the country. I'm all for her going to Seattle if it's the Harbor View hospital cause i know it's a real good hospital and they're taken good care of Bentvalve. I'll pay for the ticket myself if the insurance won't. This has hit home REAL hard for me cause there's nothing i can do but be there for her and pray. I've never cried so much in a short period of time.
Please God let this turn out good.

I want to ask my friends on here to say a prayer for my sister if you will.



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Prayers sent. We had a scare with our oldest daughter when she was younger with ITP. It is an little known type of surge in white blood cells that is similar to Lukeimia


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Prayers go out to you, your sister and the whole family! Hope she is able to recover from this set back! News like that always sucks.


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Oh Paul, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister...does she have a perfect match on the bone marrow? How soon before they'll begin treatment?

She is definitely in my thoughts Paul...if you need anything, please let us know...hang in there and be strong for her; I know you can do this...

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Prayers said ... God will watch over her. Take care of yourself, too, and like Va said, let us know if you need anything--like help with that plane ticket.

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