My new pocketbikes are here!!!


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It's like CHRISTmas time!!! They showed a day early, so I got them going before I left town. these are 4.2 HP Polini 910 Carena's, that I haven't riced out with the stickers yet. They can hold 200 lbs and go 40 mph and are scarey fast when you open them up! BLAST of a good time. notice Busa for size comparison. thye turn any good parking lot into a full blown race track because they handle like real race bikes.

notice I have protective gear over my jeans. it was only a test run, I'll wear full leathers because 40 mph is STILL 40 mph

Just one 'Net-Nanny" word of caution. I have heard from a couple buddies back home that these lil bastards will hurt you faster than a full size bike. Lot's of injuries at little parking lot races. Seems the diminutive size and low power leads the foolhardy to push things a little to hard, and well a pint size high side is still a highside.

Anyway, they look like awesome fun, you need to sneak onto your local go-cart track when you get a chance, should be just about the right size. :D Should be a kick in the butt...
set me back $2490 for both. they shipped free and I paid retail I guess. worth every penny.

Revlis: Yes, I believe these to be MORE DANGEROUS than full size! You gotta lean on turns and they are sort of 'wobbly' due to size - solid driving but wobbly. Not to mention FAST. That's why I'll wear full gear riding it. But it's gonna be a blast. We have an indoor [warehouse] kart track here in town and I'm working on the manager.

I am thinking about getting one painted like a Busa, one like a 12R!!! But I gotta find which one is fastest first ;)
wow those lil things get up to 40. you should ride one in a street :laugh: . my friend from my hometown ( Racine, Wisconsin;right next to milwaukee ) has a couple 50's. we use to hit gaps with those :laugh:

Mikey D: These are NOT recommended for kids at all. Maybe older ones HEAVILY supervised... but who is supervising ME??? :sad:
TOMMY: Nos would be wild but they are already wheelie happy! There's a whole sunculture dedicated to racing them and adding go fast parts etc, pretty funny