Wish I had a better camera to show there is no flaws in them. They did an excellent job ;) ..

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I like your guages too. Did you design your own like I did, just curious? I think all the indiglow is nice, just preferance vs costs. Rhythm & Rob's are very very nice for the price of total custom. I originally selected the blue background but my "ICE" letters in snow may not have shown up too well. I really like the work they did for the costs...........Each his own. How much extra would speedhut have charged I wonder for "TOTAL CUSTOM" as I have in these?

Thanks for the comps......
Both are tight...I think I would go with Rhythm's if I was going to use any...
I can't get a pic of them lit up. My camera will not pick them up. But the flames,numbers,and kanji light up. How much did you give for yours? I have know a couple guys thinking about getting some. I bought mine when they had the special going so all the custom stuff was free. Now they will charge you for it.
install was easy. Remove inners, then remove two bolts holding cluster down. Remove 6-7 screws on back of cluster. Use two spoons w/tape to "LIFT" out center needle. Remove two screws holding guage. pop out "needle stops". Put needle stops in new guage. mount and replace center needle and run wires up to top and around to back side. Repeat w/each guage. Drill to small holes for wires. But back together and hook up four wires. Mount and light.

GO RIDE. very easy. I designed my own and cost about $130 shipped. Not bad for four custom gauges. No one else can touch the custom work and you get all four not two.

Niiiiiiiiiice I may have to invest in a set of those perhaps blue reversible. so you can see the design when its lit.