my new busa


I just bought my first busa and wanted opinions. Here it is.

Is that an SE with polished frame? Or did someone paint it orange? Got a lot of nice mods done to it, Very Nice! I'm guessing is not an SE, dont see the nitride coated forks. Hard to tell from that angle...
I wasn't sure what SE was so I thought I would put up different angle and maybe you can tell there. thanks for the replies so far.

Nope, not an Anniversary Edition. What year is it? Good looking bike, love the matching gauges. Little owwie there in the tank?

Just a suggestion: I'd paint those inner fairings to match yer orange. Would take some of the black out. Looks great, wish I had all those mods done!
Bike looks good and no it's not an Anni Edition though it may as well be, you got the color down right. Looks good...
saw the same bike two months ago in cycle trader. Found out it was a scam. Suposedly it was in Europe somewhere. Where did you get yours from?