My new busa


Guys some of you have been wanting to know how my purchase went. IT WENT GREAT!! $9100 for a 2002 blue/black plus $350 to have it shiped to me. So a total of $9450. The dealer also changed the tach and speedo to the mototeck red overlays with the 220mph speedo for free!!!!!! Didnt even know that was going to be on there until I got it!! It looks sharp as hell though. I had a problem with the clutch malfunctioning when I got the bike and it left me stranded, so I had to call the local dealer and have it picked up. They bled the clutch line and it worked fine. The guy I bought it from took full responsibility and I faxed him a copy of the bill and he called me back today and said he FedExed me a check out today to cover the cost!!!!!!! How many dealers would it be that easy with? Have no fear if you want to buy a bike from this guy he has been nothing but top notch for me!! And dam this thing is fast!!!!!!!lol