My monster multicopter with brushless gimbal!


Finally got some sample video out of it. Octocopter is still incomplete (missing legs, no gimbal mount -- using rubber bands and zip ties for right now).


First flight with this combination. No post processing was done - all video stabilization came from the gimbal.

Sorry if the footage is boring. I will have 600mW video TX and legs for it soon, then will be able to rock it.
It cost around $600 to build it (Doesn't include battery, radio, or charger).

Most octocopter frames cost more than $1500 alone. So this is really doing it cheaply. As you can see from the result, there is no decrease in footage quality either.
There is a follow mode where the multiwii will connect to my cell phone via bluetooth. My cell phone will then tell the octocopter which direction to head to follow me (using GPS coords).

Technically, I should be able to ride my bike and have it follow after me, but I never bothered trying it.

I do have return to home and position hold functions working. There's about a 2-3 foot variation where it moves around even though you told it to stay in that spot (mostly due to the barometer not being super accurate), but if you're 500 feet in the air, there's no way you could tell it's moving around.

You can see an example of position hold on my old quad at 0:50:

I told it to stay in that location, then I rotated around to see what was in the area (without having to worry about throttle and drifting away)

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You do some amazing stuff with this hobby. I would think you could sell your skills to some video surveillance or reconnaissance needs. If you had a mind to.
Sure, but I don't think there's much of a market. All of this is plug and play. You just need to figure out what size motor/batt/props/frame/etc that you need to fit your goal.

As long as you can solder some wires, it's super easy.
A guy in Georgia built one and installed thermal on it. Uses his for hog scouting. Just in case you needed some way to "rationalize" it to whoever.
Ok if you could connect that thing to yourself via wifi, set a certain distance and have it follow you say from 25-50ft high and away on a ride that would not only be awesome but unique for sure.
How fast will it go?
Thats cool as hell. Would love to see more about how you have it mounted to the bike.