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Hello everyone Im new to this board and wanted to list the mods on my 03' Busa:

Akropovic evolution full ti system
Carpenter Racing Ported and polished heads W/race cams and valves
Dynojet PCIIIr powercomander
Hella High Intensity Discharge headlamp system
airbox and clutch mod
Michelin pilot sport tires
dynoed @ 196bhp 106ft lbs of toruque w/ pump gas and airfilter. My guess in some where in 205-210 hp w/ VP ultimate 4 and no filter.

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welcome to the board

sounds like you got quite a mod list going... makes quite the hp for no turbo or big bore kit.

any pics??

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Welcome! Pics?
Nice series of photos. Clean set of mods done, really made a difference. Like the fact did it without taking whole engine out.
whadya guys think?

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Theres package prices on Carpenters website, My total investment including the bike so far, about 20k:O . The best part is I think my bike looks almost all stock. I did all of the work except the motor internals.I'm not set up for it. I own a town house w/ no garage, and my bike lives in my dining room.
I am new to the board as a member. I have an 03 Silver Busa. I have decided on an Akra Pipe all TI. My question is what is the biggest diff between the evolution pipe and the race pipe? How do you like yours? Thanks. The mods are very sweet.
Bullet, the difference between the evo and the race is that the evo has tapered headers and a Ti down tube. Its the nicest quality pipe Ive seen. Its like jewelery for your bike,(great welds)but and there is always a "but" its $1400. I really hate to say this,(dont get me wrong I like the Akro and it sounds like a formula 1 car,and its about 11lbs.) With all Ive been hearing and seeing on the the race track, and the the shop that did all my engine work and this board is that the Brocks Hindle pipe is the best for the Busa,and at about $900 bucks for a ti setup you cant beat the price. So rather than talk the Akro up just because I have one. Seriously consider the Brocks Hindle.   Just tryin to steer ya the right way! let us know what you do.

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Awesome looking bike!


I think you hijacked Bullet Trains Avatar.

But great job on the bike!
Hey Mikey D, That avatar was so cool it made me sign on to its all over my computer,guess I should have talked to bullet first. Sorry.:)