My Kitchen

I like!!!The cabinets are absolutely beautiful...And I like the island...Is that where the stove will be???
I can't resist...I can "SMELLLLL what the Captain is cooking"!!!! :D
No need for 4300 only the ones that post are invited, that equals up to about what 40 or 50
Hey Cappy is the wood finished in a honey oak  stain (my favorite finish)?  Kitchen lQQkn real  sharp all ya godda do is finish it off with stainless steel appliance's . What are u gonna use for counter tops granite or marble.?   I now it's gonna be off the mutha f%$# hook when you and the wife are finished adding your personal touch n there.   I wanna see it when it is finished/////// awight.
:eek: OMG! he's done gone all domestic on us! You been watchin to much DIY ... ;)

Nice palace chief, now if you could just move it a little closer to the left coast...

- Kent
Love it. I've done my house in a lot of oak too. Your kitchen looks like it is very well thought out, for ease of use when cooking.
Looks real nice... Granite going on top?

Whats the schedule look like for completion?
Awesome! Is the island a floater? I did mine in lite Maple w/ a dark green/black Granite counter.

?? Are you going to have enough manuvering room around the island ?? Is why I asked if it is a floater.
We are about 20 days out now, the island actually has 4 feet of clearance on the side with the fridge and sink and there is 42 inches of clearance on the side with the double oven. There should be plenty of room. Stainless did I hear, the fridge is stainless and the rest of the appliances are black... Countertops, we are putting laminate on them now because I plan on putting tile on just after we close. I did not want to finance any more than I had to. So in the end the counters will be tile so we can cut and put hot pans on them.....Can you say kegger :super:?