my friends volusia is stalling

at a point in the throttle the bike is almost dying. b4 and after this point it runs good. it is an 03 suzuki volusia with an 850 vtwin? I am not sure about that. but it does have new spark plugs, a clean air filter, and my friend says he removed the carburetor and cleaned it up well. any suggestions?


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are you saying it runs fine until you reach a specific point with the throttle? IE runs fine up to 1/2 throttle, then noses over and dies?

Not uncommon for a carb that has a plugged bleed or feed port.. if the bike has been sitting around a long time or had really bad gas run through it, you will usually find garbage stuck in the ports..

FIX: complete dis-assembly and cleaning (be aware some slides are coated and should not be cleaned with chemicals) I like a good soak in a commercial cleaner, you will probably have to do with spray can stuff..

Good high pressure air gun is a necessity.. you gotta make sure every single port is clean and clear.. (and without pulling some lead plugs, this can be impossible)
thanks a ton. I was not there when he removed and cleaned the carb but he probably didnt do it too well and I know he does not have a high pressure air gun. I do so I will go assist. we are supposed to ride to denver this friday so hopefully all goes well. My bike is tip top but his is a lil suspect. I hope we can still ride up there


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