My friend sold his busa for a warrior.

My co-worker friend recently sold his Hayabusa for a Yamaha Road Star Warrior (1600+ cc).

He used to ride a 1996 Honda Magna 750cc (V4 liquid cooled) before the Busa.

He bought the Yamaha Warrior because it had an air cooled v-twin pushrod engine.  The pushrod look seemed interesting enough, so I researched it.

Well, the thing that gets me is that the Yamaha Warrior has less horse power than the Honda Magna, 88 hp (7500 rpm?) vs 80 hp at 4400 rpm.  Their quarter-mile specs are nearly the same: 12 seconds.  Both the Magna and Warrior are considered muscle cruisers, the latter being more monstrous, but the Warrior should be much faster, shouldn't it? But it isn't.

So, I had to ask him, "Why?".  He points at the Pushrod engine and says, "It's Pushrod. It sounds good." When I asked him what a pushrod engine was, he wasn't sure.

When I asked him what the real point was between the Magna and Warrior other than a big looking engine, his expression was a little weird.

Ok, what's so inspiring about pushrod engines? He was so proud to tell me that it was used as a drag bike.

Please give me a dose of biker logic.


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It's a nice looking bike. The Busa can get old after a few years. IMO theres waaay to many nice bikes out there to be stuck with the same one indefinitly, get out and experience them. Plus, he can always buy another Busa later.

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I bet that Star makes a lot more torque than his magna! As far as the puhsrod engine comments. Just seems like more stuff to spring a leak. Old VW's were always getting holes knocked in the pushrod tubes and leaking all over the place. You did explain to him the difference between pushrods and other forms of Cam drive right?


Dude, the whole thing about cruiser logic is that is is illogical.... But, well, you know... Chics dig it...
I bought a Honda Rune last year, to date it is the only cruiser I would ever save up for and buy... Now the RUNE is a phuggin bike....

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There is nothing special about the Warrior. It is the current popular bike, along with the M109. Different breed of bike. They are nice and they sound sweet, stock pipes or not. Lots of torque. Excellent cruiser, but alas, it's not a Busa!


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The Warriors are very cool and there is a whole lot of Tuner Parts available right from Yamaha.

Tell you're Buddy to do Stage one with Reinhart Pipes... OMG the sound is Sweet!

Oh and Magna is a V-4 Not a V-twin, that is where the extra HP is coming from.

Personally I'd rather have a Magna over just about ANY of the Cruisers out there.


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If it's what he wants and he likes it more power to him. Be happy for your friend and congratulate him on his new bike instead of putting it down.

Pushrods are just another way of opening and closing valves and there is nothing wrong with that setup. The 2006 Corvette Z06 is one of the most badass cars to ever roam the earth and it has a pushrod engine.

Both my old Honda CXTs are pushrod V-Twins with 4 valves per cylinder and will run up to 10K rpm while continuing to build power. They also make more HP and torque per liter than any stock Busa could ever dream of.
Just because Harley gave pushrod engines a bad name doesn't mean it's a bad design when used by quality manufacturers.


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I had a Warrior from early 03' to August 05' and managed to dump about $30K into the project including the bike. When I sold it it was running awesome but I was on my 3rd 18x10 rear wheel and having major issues with chrome. I loved the bike, the torque is ridiculous. I started with low numbers from the factory (73Hp and like 87 for torque). The motor work kicked arse but running the 280 rear tire eats a ton of it up. We figured a flat 10% loss going from my 240 to my 280 nevermind what it would have run with the stock 200 on there.

Follow the LINK for my DYNO graph and description of the motor work.

Add the 10-12% back on for the wheel and that thing is pumping some awesome power considering you can only rev it to 5500 RPM. I'd buy another but with do Powder coat instead of chrome this time...

I sold it for $14K and bought my Busa as an 04' leftover in 05' for $9200 in cash. I did OK.

Like somebody said already, it gets boring keeping the same bike for too long...


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It's a nice looking bike. The Busa can get old after a few years. IMO theres waaay to many nice bikes out there to be stuck with the same one indefinitly, get out and experience them. Plus, he can always buy another Busa later.
+1 that m109 sure is looking good. so is the YZF R1 Raven ,and the Ducati, And the Triump,and the MV4 Agusta and the GSXR 1000 and so on and so forth


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Ahhhh...the first bike I bought for myself (brand new off the showroom floor for $3300...

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They tick a whole lot more, that much I can tell you. My 05 Roadstar 1700 makes SO MUCH more engine noise than the busa does. It's a smooth running, smooth shifting, comfortable cruiser in need of a little more power that will be coming over the winter, but it's definitely more mechanical sounding.

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