My First Mod


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So I actually took some time to do my first mod to the bike after 3 months and 6600kms.... Are you ready? I took the warning stickers off!

I know that was meant to be a joke, but I had one hell of a time getting those warning stickers off. I spent more time doing that then I spent on most of the stuff I did with the dremmel and some of the other mods I did. That damn stickum they have on the back of those warning stickers is some serious stuff. And I had to use mayonaise to get off the leftover sticky stuff.
Removing those warning stickers, in my opinion, is one of the hardest, most time consuming mod on the Hayabusa.
Good job Iced!
Mine came off not too bad. I actually peeled them off after a long ride when everything was fairly warm and it was hot outside. Just picked at the corner and pulled them off slowly. The hardest one was the one on the tank.
Iced.....dude.... yer outta control.......getta hold of yerself.
JK had 2 b dun......stickers are for
Now get out there and spend the big bucks bro.
Talk to ya l8r
You are RUINED now.
That was the worst mistake you could have made!

Nothing but spend, spend, spend, from NOW ON!

Better start working gonna neeeeed it!
You guys scare me with all your mods... Gives me something to look forward to tho! I have a feeling i'm gonna go right back into the hole with money again
O.K., added a gas cap sticker, another sticker to windscreen, removed pair valve, added D&D 4-2, K&N air filter, moto-lights, reaper risers, Krauser hard bags, TRE, Aluminum chain guard, rear stand bobbins, corbin seat ordered, AND>>>>>>>>

The sticker on the tank is still there!!!!! AT least most of it. I pick at it a little now and then. I finally got the one on the side inner fairing off this spring, but the one on the tank is a nasty rotten sod!!! And yes, I am that lame. I've had the bike since MAY 2001.
Got all mine off last week, the hardest was the lower of the 2 on the inner fairing.  I even took the front and rear "Suzuki" off.  Rubbing alcohol and a paper towel work great on the glue residue....


Oh yeah... Removed the rear reflectors and replaced them w/ running and brake lights first, then the hump/hand rail mod, then the stickers...


My warning stickers came off the first night my Busa came home. using my wife's blow dryer, the inner fairing stickers came off in one piece in about 30 seconds. The tank sticker took about 15 minutes. The Auto store sells stuff called "Decal Remover", way better then Goo-Gone. It has a plastic scraper built on top of the bottle. With the top off, the fluid drips out and you gently bump the scraper under the decal. The decal came right off and no scratch marks.