my first dyno and tune


I have a 2007 busa with pc3 usb just installed 2nite. I have a yosh full system, pair valve removal, an air box mod, and a ivan's tre (which i will remove if suggested). Tuesday morning I go first my first dyno and map. I am going to see buddy at rpm cycle (a dynojet certified dyno) in edmond, oklahoma. I am very excited.

She is runnin great. I just cleaned her up, fresh oil and filter, clean and lubed chain, with brand new tires. What psi should I run to the dyno? Other than bringing a full tank of gas, what advice can you share with me? please wish me luck

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Thats pretty much the same set-up I'm running on my 04 LE, but I also have 16/42 gearing. It runs like a raped ape on crack now....very very nice :thumbsup:


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sounds good to me run normal psi like you would any other time riding i run 36 psi front and rear. You should make atleast 168 rwhp. The mods in my sig netted me 171.53 rwhp and 102.39 rwtq. The dyno numbers dont matter. what matters is the bike runs the best it can and you should feel a big difference in responsiveness after the bike is tuned and it will pull harder (atleast mine did)especially in 6th gear. have fun and bring your video and record it. I still have yet to post my video up as i have not found the disc for my camera:thumbsup:


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My 04 le got 170 rwh and 101 torque at Smothers dyno. Big difference in performance from the map I got with my Brock Hindle pipe. That map was Super rich and nearly made everyone in his shop sick. new map is awesome.

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good stuff. thanks everybody

any other suggestions?
If you want a nice healthy dynp chart there are lots of little tricks you can do to help. Tire pressures and chain tension make a diff, as well as how its positioned on the roller. And if its spinning the tire at all on the dyno you'll get a lower reading. Also try and go in the morning or evening...better air and temps :thumbsup: And its gonna chew your tire up pretty good so be prepared :banghead: A good tuner should get you some nice power and a smooth throttle ta' boot :beerchug: And he should also know what little tricks you can do to get a chart you can be proud of :thumbsup:

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