My Day Today... New tire, cush drive, and the timing of UPS...


Well, the day started out pretty depressing... I was staring at my bike.. wishing it had a new tire on it. The kind without cords showing...

My last tire, for those of you who dont know.. lasted from the day I got a speeding ticket(on the way to get it mounted) to the exact day that I had my hearing. (yes he lowered it for me). A little less than two months... In its defense I probably put around 2500 miles on it.. and aggressive...

So after moping around my parent's house, I recalled a meeting last night with my zx14 riding buddy. He told me I could get a shinko advance 005 for 130 bucks.. and a friend would mount it for me.(btw its worth mentioning that Goldenchild has some dang good deals on tires right now as well!)

Now, I know the stigma with shinko.. but I read reviews and this tire seems pretty good.. especially for the price.. I paid 200.00 for my ct2 pilot power and it lasted two months... thats 100.00 a month to ride my bike on rubber.

That being said the only REAL reason I decided to buy it is I feel like I lost my Prozac! I had to ride today..

He called me back and said if I bring my wheel in, i can get the tire, mounted and balanced for 150 total. I ran home, dismounted my rear wheel in under five minutes...dropped the sprocket(first time ever seeing a cush drive hub) picked it up and made it to the "cycle barn" without pissing TOO many slow left lane drivers off.

BING BANG BOOM. Tire on, rushed back to my place... as soon as I set the wheel down outside my car UPS pulls up. I beg him for sprockets and chain...while they arent here yet (probly be here soon!) I gladly accept the box of polyurethane cush drive rubbers!

I literally walk to the wheel, rip open the box and throw them in the hub.. after fighting with them to go in I get smart. I kinda stretched the little cushies(?) apart to stretch them out so the slot is bigger and then lubed them with some grease from the sprocket.. a little pressure and PLOP! It sinks in and its solid! I mount the tire in like five minutes.

My God.. is this how the busa is supposed to ride and shift? WOW.... its like butter... they werent lying!

No more weird vibes... no more sloppy feel in the shifting... finally getting to where it feels like a brand new bike.

I cant wait for my sprockets and chain... gotta get a chainbreaker/riveter from someone... Ill just borrow one from the local sportbike forum. They are good like that.

So I texted the woman and told her to wear shoes and that we are taking a ride on the bike tonight....:whistle: And that we did. We had a blast.
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uh oh.. looky what showed up today...

chain and sprockets.jpg
Hey Daniel, I will be needing the five bolts that hold the left caliper onto the wheel and also those front brake pads..maybe HH... I think thats all i will need to finally un-delete my left rotor. I will probably get this from you soon... just need a speedohealer first. But I will pm you.