My computer hates me!!


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So, my computer started crashing on startup ALOT, and randomly while running. It takes 7-10 tries to start the thing correctly, and even then, it only runs for SO long...
I've tried Defragging, Anti-virus (AVG Free edition, it came up with a Trojan Horse Downloader, but won't delete it unless I buy the REAL AVG... and I don't want to buy it if that ain't the prob..)

Anywho, It started doing it the day e before I got back from the bash, so I don't know if Mom did something, or if the computer's an old POS... either way, after the 3rd day of constant restarts, I got pissed off and hit the computer... it slid back into the wall, and is now making a fun noise like something's stuck in the cooling fan blade... I have no money to buy another computer (gotta fix a car, get outta debt, and get me some riding leathers.) So I'm hoping it might be an easy fix... But all the hoping in the world probably won't help it being an expensive fix...
Damn, this sucks...

Anyway, if yall don't see me on here for a while, that's why.


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Sorry to hear, Ben. If ya bring it to KC, I can take a look at it for ya!


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Ben, talk to my dad about that older Dell he has in the basement that he does not use.
Modern computers meltdown. About the last 10 years worth of computers just meltdown, and are no longer useable. Yours has probably had a meltdown. Time to get a new one.
first things first, i know the internet is for porn but too much porn can screw it up

ive been having the same kinda problem with my laptop. it seems to freeze when the desktop appears but it will work after one restart.

what ive noticed is that my pc has automatic windows updates and after i chose to install the last set of updates is when it started f'n up.

what i did was to do a system restore and restored it to a day before i installed the updates. it works like new now but i keep getting windows popups every startup telling me i need to install critical updates. i need to figure which one is causing the problem

thats all i got for ya, hope it helps.


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try this..its free...i have ran this for 8 + years...if they cant remove it..they will give you link in thier web site on how to manualy remove it....i do not run any antivirus software due to the fact...i know what sites to avoid....(ya perve....learn wich ones give it and avoid) lol


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Ben you have two problems (for other members that is called a "hanging curveball"

Problem #1 - It sounds like one of the cables in the computer is rubbing against one of the fans causing the noise.  Not a problem to fix.  

Problem #2 - You probably have some malware on your computer that is causing the instability.  It needs to be removed before system stability can be restored.  This can be a bigger issue.

Problem #1:
1 - Find a clear table to lay the computer.  
2 - Take a digital picture of the back of the computer (to "remember" where everything should be plugged in).
3- Remove the connections from the back of the computer.
4 - Open the computer case (you might need a screwdriver). (Yeah, you will probably see lots of dust.)
Look into the case.  Are there any wires touching any of the fans? Remember that computers are susceptible to static electricity.  So, you need to always have one hand touching a metal part of the case when you are using the other hand to fiddle with the internals ("fiddle" is a computer term -

5 - You should see the wire that is rubbing against the fan which is causing the noise.  Move it out of the way.  That should fix that problem.
6 - Replace the cover and reconnect the disconnected connections using your digital photos(s) as a guide.

Problem #2:

Okay.  This one can take some time and patience.  Take a deep breath, stay calm, recite these phrases "I will not hit my computer", "My computer is my friend", "I like my computer".  Keep a good kharma.

The following steps will be generic because I don't know your OS (which version of Windows), or applications installed.

1 - You need a get a copy of a decent A/V software and a decent spyware remover.  If money is tight, download a free 30-day trial of something.  Make sure to get both A/V and spyware scanners/cleaners.  McAfee has 30-day trials:

2 - Start you computer and boot into "Safe Mode with networking" (the success of this connection depends upon how you connect to the Inernet).  You should see the option to press "F8" when you computer first begins to start (and before Windows starts up).

3 - Log in to your computer and go into the control panel.  You want to see what "applications" are installed.  Some malware can be removed from Add/Remove Programs.  This is one place where it can be tricky.  If you don't know much about the software installed on your computer you might not know what you can safely remove.  Send me a list of the items in Add/Remove programs and I will tell you of those I believe can be safely removed.  You do need to remove the version of AVG since it isn't helping you remove your malware.  Remove the AVG.

4 - After removing the AVG (and any malware you might find in Add/Remove Programs), install the 30-day trial.  You won't be able to update it's virus definitions unless you have a connection to the Internet (that is why I suggested "Safe Mode with Networking" instead of just "Safe Mode". Update you defintions.

5 - You system might require a reboot.  If it does, then reboot into "Safe Mode".

6 - Check the configuration of your A/V product.  Make sure that it scans all files including compressed files.  Scan you entire hard disk (all partitions).  This will take a while.

7 - If you are brave (and depending upon which version of Windows you are using) you can also look at the "Run" lines in the system registry.  There are utilities that make this easier, or you can run the "regedit" command to do it.  You probably need some help to use this command.  You can definitely hose your computer if you delete something that you should not have deleted.

8 - Anyway, if the A/V product finds and deletes the malware, you could restart the computer and see how it runs.  You might need to repeat this process.

OR, (big OR) if your computer is really foobar, then a wipe and load clean installation may be required.  This would require that you save all important files to a backup device (you know, those pictures of RSD in a bikini
, collect all of you software application CD's (you will need to reload all of your applications), make notes on all of your important system configurations (email settings, network connection settings, application settings, etc.) , get your operating system CD, boot the OS CD and reinstall the OS (have it reformat the partition during setup).  Obviously, this is a more drastic operation that requires a higher level of computer skill to not mess it up.

Well, good luck.  I hope this helped.

Of course, if your computer is down you can't even read this post.  Kinda funny when you think about it.




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I noticed something with it... It has a program called Matcli that starts automaticly when the desktop appears... When I close it before it loads the program, it's been doing fine. Anyone know what this "Matcli" is?


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(yamahor @ Sep. 30 2006,08:30) I noticed something with it... It has a program called Matcli that starts automaticly when the desktop appears... When I close it before it loads the program, it's been doing fine. Anyone know what this "Matcli" is?
Follow this link:

It says it is used by Verizon.

Ben, do a Google search for any item in Add/Remove programs or any running process you find in Task Manager. Lots of good info.

Good luck.


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(yamahor @ Sep. 30 2006,08:30) I noticed something with it... It has a program called Matcli that starts automaticly when the desktop appears... When I close it before it loads the program, it's been doing fine. Anyone know what this "Matcli" is?
Some people have complained that "Matcli" causes system instability.

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