My Busa

It's a shame I can't even ride it right now. Hopefully back surgery will happen soon so I can get back to riding. This season is going to be shot because the Neurosurgeon isn't going to have an opening until September.

:beerchug: To all who have endured back surgery, and :thumbsup: to everyone who has a healthy back.

I will ride again!

Both the Busa and FJR are tucked away for the rest of summer. I had to get them out for one more coat of wax and fuel treatment.




Comin' back stronger than ever!
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Take it slow on the recovery, but look forwarding to seeing you post up that you're on 2 wheels again! :thumbsup:
Best of luck to you Sir, I have had 2 surg. and might be looking at another soon. I have an appointment next month. I still ride but not with out a lot of breaks. I don't know your age but please take your time. I am 50 now, I hurt mine in 1985 and I have not had a day with out pain. Just take your time and get well. Keep us posted. Best of luck to ya.



No training wheels?
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Well sorry this season has been a bust for you. But, if you have your surgery in September that gives you a lot of time to heal up and really enjoy next season. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Prayers for speedy recovery!!!
WOW True, Sorry to Hear about your back Problems Brother. Hope all goes well for you, and your back in that Saddle ASAP! :please: :beerchug:
BTW, I'm liking those covers you got there:thumbsup:I saw another member mentioned they where Corbin?? I need to get a cover for my Girl.
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