My busa powered buggy modification.


Hey guys, im nearly done so its about time to start to give you guys some pictures.

I bought last year a buggy from SandFever in Montana, its got a 2006 Busa enigne so its a Gen 1.

my driving style is a bit harsh so i needed to do a few repairs quite early:banghead:.
That way i found out that a 630 chain was not designed for my application, burnt the chain down in 200miles.

Then i broke the ingoing shaft of my reverser differential.???
worst of all i got beaten by a offroad golfcart called a Polaris RZR during a hillclimb:cussing:.
I had enough removed the engine and contacted Richard (RCC).



I stripped the engine down completely although it doesn't have more then 600 miles since now on it.

I want the engine to be both powerful en don't want to give in to reliability.
So I asked richard what he would advice, great advice and support by the way.

RCC stage 2 kit.
Wossner connecting rods.
Wossner pistons.
HD outgoing shaft.
50mm Tial BOV.
Oil pump gear.
Billet clutch housing and inner hub.
quick acces cover.
Valve springs, studs for main and connecting rod bearings.

about a month ago christmas time came and the material arrived.
because the local Suzuki dealer are a bunch of wankers they only ordered half of the required quantities of bearings.
luckily Richard had some material in stock so that arrived earlier that the dealer supplied.







Lol at the dude's face^^^ He's like "aw ****,why do I always get stuck blowing the sand off the engine Mom!!!"
damn guys it`s the first topic i create here and i got some issues. i want to add a reply and pictures but it keeps moaning that a moderator needs to approve the comment.

i guess that im the moderator in my own topic right?
I wanted the engine to gain power so i dont get beaten by a golfcart anymore and still keep the engine reliable.

So the following is ordered:

RCC stage 2
Wossner con-rods and pistons.
HD output shaft.
Billet clutch and inner hub.
Studs for main bearings and cylinder head.
HD valve springs.
Tial BOV

about a month ago, christmas arrived early and my package arrived.:lol:
I found out that it was much faster getting my original parts from RCC than from the local Dealer here, which has only oil and filters.
Even for sparkplugs i have to go to a different shop.:banghead:







In the mean time i recieved my new upgraded reverser from Jeffco.
and spend some time cleaning the frame, greasing all the joints and my drive shafts.


Since the Friday is like our Sunday, and basically my only day off i spend a few, assembling my engine.
you got to do something right?

I must say Suzuki keeps it kinda straight forward.
I didnt require that many special tools but normally we work with a lot bigger engines then these.
so it was searching for small torque wrenches which we normally dont use.
1/4 and 3/8 tools i hardly touch ours start at 1/2 to 1".:lol:










Well with close to 400 ponies you should do well against the golfcarts :laugh:

:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:
Amazing Progress pictures buddy, I too am in the United Arab Emirates (From Abu Dhabi though) but I have not gotten beaten by gold carts yet and I am still on bone stock busa (Tom Pro Design sand rail though). What you are doing to you motor is what my cousin and I have been thinking of for two years, but we opt not to simply because we wanted to make sure that our buggies are as reliable as possible due to the fact that we dune in Liwa mostly going to Moreeb dune from Mezaria and coming back (around 14 miles round trip) and if the buggy beaks halfway, we are screwed :ghostface:

Anyways, please keep those pictures coming and let us know how do you like your new setup, maybe, just maybe we will pull the trigger after all :laugh:

Good luck
I usually do about 60 miles a day. some times more some times less.
i didnt have that much breakdowns, its all a matter of maintenance. and second of all never go alone. i always have at least one buddy with me mostly more. some quad bikes and RZRs.

i just came back from a 2 week project in Vietnam. next week install my data logger and finish the welding.

when the weather becomes better i start tuning and break in.
i will keep you posted. this winter i will come to Moreeb, i just wanna play in the empty quarter.
So while the motor was apart, did you undercut the tranny while it was apart?
No tranny was not undercut.

main reasons, my block just run 600 miles from new, and i dont use 1st gear. 2nd only to get rolling, after only 3,4,5,6.
then my reversing gearbox has and internal reduction 3.25:1
Im not using quick shifters or that kind of stuff.
I wanna see how it goes in this setup.
i got a few other thing in mind to next winter.