My Busa *PICS*


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Here are a few pictures of my latest Busa which is a 2000 model that Suzuki used as their show bike.
The bike has been shown all over the US, has been in a number of magazines and was featured in Suzuki's parts catalog.
It has a lot of Yosh parts on it such as the full titanium exhaust with carbon tri-oval dual tipped can, rear sets, EMS and more.
The bike also has a carbon fiber front fender, chain guard, tank protector, gas cap protector and triple tree protector.
It's reportedly ran an official 194 mph in the standing mile in it's present form although, I don't have the documentation to back it up.
I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or sell it but I know that whenever I ride it, I get LOTS of looks and thumbsup.

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Jamie James touching a knee at Road Atlanta.

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Kevin Schwanz cutting a tight corner at RA.

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Schwanz hauling ass thru a Road Atlanta corner.


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Nice pics! How did you come across that machine?


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(MC MUSTANG @ Sep. 29 2006,08:24) Nice pics!  How did you come across that machine?
In one word...randomly.  

It was posted for sale in a local bike forum.  I already had 2 other Busas and I wasn't  looking for a 3rd one.  I waited a week before I called and went to look at it.  
The guy who owned it is a truck driver for a company that hauls displays around the country for trade shows and Suzuki was one of their clients.
The driver had told one of the higher-ups at Suzuki that when they wanted to sell the bike, he would be interested in buying it.  When the time came, that person kept their word and the deal was made.
Even though the bike has 10.5k, it had been sitting for a while and the owner knew he wasn't going to ride it anymore so he decided to sell it.
I happened to be at the right place at the right time.  

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