My Busa at the track...


After installing the Pingle wheelie bar and putting a dry nitrous kit on my bike, I couldn't wait to get to the dragstrip and try it out.

Having never ridden a bike with a bar before, I didn't know quite what to expect. One thing that I found out for sure, it's not as easy as it looks!

Since I had not ridden with a bar before, I decided to wait to acitivate the nitrous until I felt comfortable riding it with the bar and stock power.

After a long smoky burnout, I staged, waited for the light, saw Yellow and let the clutch out like I had no bar, but twisted the throttle to the stops. As soon as the bike rocked back on the bar, I instinctively let off of the gas, fearing a flip...immediately, I thought "duh, have bar, rock & roll!", so I get back on the gas. The tire starts spinning like mad, as I hit the gas to quickly, so I let off to regain traction, get back on it and continue this little pogo jump all the way to the lights...Doh!

Back in the staging lanes, I am telling myself "just stay in the throttle, it won't flip".
Yeah right, I'm talking to someone that ain't listening apparently, as for the next 4 runs, I did the same thing.

Finally, I guess I convinced myself, and, I was getting anxious to try the nitrous. I staged, revved her up to 8000, and pretty much dumped the clutch (this is with a BT-010 at 20 psi), and managed to keep the throttle pinned all the way through the lights, even though I was on the rear tire the whole way, spinning the rear tire and slowly drifting towards the center line. This netted me a 1.49 60' and a 6.56 ET for the 1/8 mile at 107 and change.

At this time, I realized, that even with stock power, the bike needs a slick with the bar to get maximum acceleration. Another thing I noticed was that traction was improving with each run as the cars put more rubber on the track. I felt that if I could hook up off the line the next run, I'd hit the nitrous...

I've got the nitrous set up with several switches, one of which does not allow activation until over approx 85% throttle.

So after a longer than usual burnout, I armed the nitrous, staged, moved my ass about halfway back on the seat, revved to about 4000, and pulled out slow. After I had the clutch all the way out, I twisted the throttle to the stops... HOLY poop!!! this was the most incredible acceleration I have ever felt!! The best word I can think of to describe it is VIOLENT!!!, no, it's WICKED, no, it's BRUTAL, no it's INSANE, no, it's all of the above and more.
I was not prepared for it. It slammed my ass so hard against the hump, that my tailbone may be broken. It is so sore today, I almost cannot sit down. I think the worst part of it was that when I went to full throttle, it hit hard, settled back on the wheelie bar and went to full-tilt boogie, but just as soon as it started to settle in, the nitrous kicked in, all 55 horsepower of it, like a light-switch, instant-on . When it did, the bike rocked back even harder on the bars, and started pogoing. Somehow, I managed to hang on and keep the throttle pinnned. I backed off to shift to second, got back into it and repeated the same double-hit as before!! Stayed in it, shifted to third and took the double sledgehammer from Hell again.

I didn't get a 60' time on this run, as my bike seems to have leaped over the lights at the 60' mark!! I broke the lights at the 1/8 with the rear tire at 6.37 @ 115.3 mph.

The two guys that were waiting to race behind me had several comments about my run.
They remarked that they had never seen such a wild ride on a bike, and that my tire smoked the entire run.

Wild ride? Naw, it was more like an insane ride!
I really didn't know while making the run if I could even hang onto the bike, the way it was bucking like a horse. It kept rocking back on the bar, then trying to unload the bar, but not quite succeeding, then loading it again. The only time the front tire was on the ground was when I shifted gears. The rest of the time it was 2-6 inches off the ground. I'd sure like to have a video of the run!

I decided to make a second run with the nitrous, even though my ass by now was hurting pretty bad from slamming into the hump.

I tried setting up against the hump, but just the slightest contact with it provided intense pain, so I moved back to my previous position with the intent of not allowing it to toss me back like the first time...Wrong!!! Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

I launched harder the second time, which immediately put my ass back into hurt territory...just before the nitrous kicked in which provided a nice 12 lb sledgehammer to my backside again. I said f###-it, I'm staying in it to see what she will do. It was hooking up better than the first run and seemed to be trying to break the wheelie bars it was on them so hard. After the same pogo stick ride to the finish line, I netted a 1.42 60', and a 6.18 @ 118.7

The Busa has a lot more acceleration than the tendendcy to wheelie will allow you to enjoy without a bar or extended arm.

A slick is needed with the bar.

A pad is needed on the hump.

A multi-stage nitrous controller is needed for a softer intial hit.

All in all, it was the most fun I've ever had on two wheels and can't wait to do it again (as soon as my backside recovers).

Yeah...That's what I'm talking about...WFO...But be careful...
It started out as a kit from NLR, but has been highly modified by me.

I'm really anal about how things are engineered, so I re-engineered it. (It's what I do for a living)

The engine is bone stock. Fot that matter, the entire bike is bone stock with the exception of the nitrous and wheelie bar.

Nothing but a Power Commander to richen up the top end a bit.
intresting.... with the PC, you probly put the spray nozzle in front of the ats, so the pc richens and the spray cools the ats and richens more, right?
Your story is a great read. Ever think about sending an article in to a bike mag for publication? any ways I look forward to hearing how you do.
Danno-nice job! My pistons/block are on the way back can't wait to give it a strip blast as well.

If you stay with a street tire for your strip blasts, you may find a shorter burnout beter than a longer one. I have found with many street tires that a short high speed burnout (3rd gear) has produced better results than a very attractive, cool points gathering John Force burnout. A burnout in first gear will produce an excessive amount of heat quickly, usually making the tire "greasy", thus producing more tire slip. A spare wheel with the M/T MC2 tire or slick would make you happier and much quicker. You may want to use a pillow next time for the launch though.
neat story.. sounds like pure fun.

hope you don't become "one" with the hump.