My Bike Tire


I am in need of replacing my back tire on my 02'. How big can I go and does any one have any recomendations on what brand and pricing. I need a tire thats gonna last over 3,000 miles, but I also want a big honk'n fatty!!!!
go full touring....they last the longest...they'll work as long as yer not into knee draggin' . Fatty . Well , Im not positive but i think that you cant fit too much more back there .'ll handle better stickin' to stock or even goin' down a size .
You can go up to a 200 rear but hope for straight roads.  It will have terrible turn in.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
my dunlop 207 190 has 4200 miles on it now and is at about 30% still, and I don't baby my baby.
I'm thinking of going 200 next but also don't know if a 207 200
will fit.
Any info anyone?
I'm running a Sportmax D207 200 fatty(previous owners choice) on mine right now,handles ok . It's got 5000 on it , I'll post some close-ups of it tomorrow so you can chec it out.
It's got a bunch of life left in it .