my bike problems


i get two problems, and going to track school this weekend i'd like 'em fixed first.
first one, the typical TO sensor/sidestand switch/mysterious something problem that makes the bike cut out while riding, 0rpm on the tach, then come back on and be fine for a while later.
the second, if i'm in first or second and just nail the throttle hard and quick, to wheelie for instance, the bike (not always but most of the time) will surge then surge then surge. as tho it doesn't know whether to go or not. this usually come close to sending me over the bars. i thought this was the plugs, but i changed those today. i'm thinking either the fuel line, which was kinked by not being twisted, and perhaps is too weak now, or the fuel filter is clogged, or becomes clogged when the throttle is opened too quickly..
Hi Curt,My bike has the same problems with surging as you described.What turned out to be the cure as the dealer has tried changing plugs , fuel pump , throttle position sensor , throttle stop sensor and ECU all without success.Needless to say the bike is an untrustworthy dog to ride at the moment.Cheers,Hardy