My Bike (picture)


Just thought i'd put my 50c worth in and upload a pic of my baby here in Singapore. Havent done much except put the stock pipes BACK ON as its a $1000 fine per pipe if caught!! Dont have the spare cash at the moment to donate to the traffic police.

By the way, i'm on the right, the other bloke is my foreman.

Hey pmcc,
Very cool..hope you're having a good time in Singapore. I've never been there myself but hear it's an absolutely beautiful place. Are there alot of people riding Busas over there?
Hey tell the bloke to keep the flames a min of 3 feet. $10,000 up in smoke due to dropped cig..... Hey will they still whoooooooop your arse in singapore for actin up? "Mike Myers" dayton ohio got his arse whoooped for paintin cars. Just wannted to know. Maybe the US should start whoopin a lil more arse, CANE style. Not King style................. Jails too full as it is. Either that or the peeps on death row for the last umpteen years.........nevermind. NICE BIKE. IS THAT ALL SILVER or two tone?
Very nice pics, too bad about the pipe restrictions. I guess you'll have to wait 'til you get back to Oz.
I believe that is a 03 model. That is crazy, 1000$ fine per pipe. They would love my D&D's.
I was in Singapore a couple of months ago...believe I may have seen one Busa. Would I be correct that this bad boy ran you about $20,000 US? And if you brought it with you, you still paid out the butt.
* There are a growing number of Busa's here now - i reckon there would probably be around 50 to 80 of them - maybe i'll try and check with the Suzuki distributor next time i go for a service.

* Arse whoopin'? yeah ...plenty of that still goes on but you have to be doing something pretty dumb like vandalising cars or abusing (physically) your maid. (yeah, plenty of people have maids over here). Stay clean and you'll have a scar free arse.

* Bike is ALL SILVER. Still trying to work out what the original colour was but i reckon it was a two tone silver/black(grey) as thats what it says in my log book (powers of deduction are obviously my strong point). Its a 2000 model, first reg July 2000, bought it here in singapore for S$18,000 in October 2002, with only 13,500 km on the clock, RS3 pipes, SS braided brake lines, and a nice reg number which is worth a bob or two over here. So i reckon i got a good deal.

* Never noticed the cig next to the bike. I'll just take any damage out of his salary.

* and who the hell is Choadaboy? HE MUST BE A GOOD BLOKE!