My best day of competition!

This Saturday we had another No-prep 1/8 mile race with a bike class. I ran my grey 1441 bike. The bikes paid $2000 guaranteed split between winner/runner up and also $75 of the $100 entry fee went into the pot. We had over 20 bikes entered so payout was over $3500. This means it attracted some fast bikes including at least 4 Pro-street bikes. Many of the bikes including all the Pro-street guys were using slicks. I was on my usual street tire as I haven't ever used a slick on the bike and wasn't prepared to use one. We did get to use glue for our burnout but there was no track prep. My buddy's 10 year old son recorded all my runs and it was his first time. I think he did a great job overall but would suggest he let it run out a little more at the end.

1st Round
This guy was on a borrowed bike and had only made a few passes previously but is an experienced guy on the street.

2nd Round
Jason runs a bike shop in Omaha and is very quick on a prepped track. He was great to talk to and helpful. He does a great job helping promote the sport on a local level. I had to get out of the throttle due to a wheelie in third that put me off course and Jason had traction issues.

3rd Round
This was a bye and I shouldn't have rolled out of the throttle for the little wheelie. Running by myself gives me too much time to overthink my actions. I took the right lane because I hadn't so far.

4th Round
Frankie was also helpful and obviously would have spanked me on a prepped track. He had traction issues down track.

5th Round
Dave is a friend of mine who was riding his friend's big motor grudge bike recently purchased from Doug Gall. Because we were using instant green instead of a pro tree he was able to take a shot at the tree and hit a .320 light (would be .080 red on a .400 pro tree) vs my .508. I don't like the instant green for this reason. It seems to be very predictable from the last stage bulb being lit. Anyway, I got around him.
Thanks guys. It was a blast. Yes it was Eddyville. Going back this weekend for the quick 8 heads up on a prepped track but probably only one prostreet and the orange grudge bike to worry about with just a $500 payout.

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