My Baby's Been Scared


So here I am waking up this morning thinking everything is ok. I go out to my truck to take my girlfriend to school and I look at my front fender. "What the H$!!"  :cussing:  With a second look I go flying out of my truck to see that some one has hit my baby.  :devil:  The front fender has a big scratch going all the way across it and the paint has chipped off from where it was hit. The kickstand had slid more than 6" back from where I put it. I talk to someone in my apartment complex and she says she knows who did it. So when the cops get there I tell them and they go talk to the lady that hit my baby. She says that she didn't even know that she hit it. I looked at her truck and she hit my baby with the front left corner of her truck. Now how do you do that and not realize what you have done. I was about ready to take her head off for that one.    :devil: luckilly she has insurance and we will see how that ends up.

I just can't believe shes been scared for life now. Make's me want a cold one.  

Dang old women not paying attition. "Nothing against older women just those that don't need to be driving"

Damn, broh, that sucks! At least you were able to track down the stupid biotch that done it and she has insurance. I tell ya what, get sum good estimates on the fender and get a check from her insurance. Then I can fix it for ya for the cost of materials. You can put the rest toward those leathers yer wantin'.

If ya need the names of some good local shops to get estimates from just let me know. I got yer hook up there, too. Whatever you do, just don't take a settlement check from her ins until you get some estimates. I'm sure you know this, but some people see a quick check and jump on it only to lose their azz. I got you figured to be sharper than that though.

Anyway, we'll get yer girl lookin' good as new again. :super:
thanks for the words of wisdom. I've already got some estimates for the fender but I'm also going to get some for labor. They have to put it on. :D It's ridable though so I wont miss any good days just a little pride. Thanks again man.

that sucks,
you know the busa is very easy to roll if it has inflated tires. wouldn't be hard to bump it, move it 6" or more, and not know. specially if you arent watching where u goin.
Glad to hear that it stayed upright it could have been a lot worse. It's a good thing people pay attention to what they're doing.
3 weeks ago my SVS was parked in front of my shop bay, me ten feet away suiting up.  70-something year old man gets in his Caprice wagon, backs up TWENTY feet, straight back and nails my '02 on the right side.  Folded up the kickstand, took out the fairing, shift lever and clutch lever ball.  Plus the mirror.  

 I was lucky enough that 3 other mechanics stepped in front of his car before he could run.

His comment when he stepped out of his car;  "That's a stupid place to park your bike"

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>WTF??</span>  What if that was a baby carrage and mom had stooped down to tie her shoe?:mad:

 Net result:  $500 cash.
Yeh, some of these people are scarey in parking lots, but even worse on the road. Hear of them hitting the gas instead of the brake -- every couple months seems like. Luckily the busa can outrun them on the road. Pretty scarey seeing them come up behind you at a stoplight thou. :eek:
I think if I ever realized I was getting that way would just wind up the busa and head for a pole -- uhhh, don't want to hurt the busa. Maybe step in front of a Harley instead. :sad:
I think if I ever realized I was getting that way would just wind up the busa and head for a pole -- uhhh, don't want to hurt the busa. Maybe step in front of a Harley instead. :sad:
Harleys won't go fast enough to take ya out, man! You'd just be banged up and have a "chrome rash" or sumthin'... :bounce:
I think I am going to have to steal that "chrome rash" that is freakin' hilarious!
:laugh: . By the way I hate to hear that a biike got hurt, but at least you found the perp. hit and runs are not cool!
...sorry someone "tapped" your baby! Glad it wasn't lying on it's side when you walked out the door though! That would have been worse...

Good luck getting everything fixed, and perhaps you should have a huge light shining over her so everyone can SEE the Busa... :) Especially those with "bad eyes"!
I HATE OL' that she hit yer ride though.
Maybe you should go steal her purse, or beat the crap outta her eye for an eye right. :bounce: