my 02 busa

hi my name is shane and i am new to the site just thought i would share some pics of my 02 busa



let me know what you think


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Not to be rude, but tell us a little about yourself and the bike! Looks like a stock 02 with custom paint and chrome bar ends. Paint looks good, but gives us a little more!


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Welcome and thanks for introducing yourself properly (with pics!). Great choice - solid blue looks sharp. Done anything besides paint?


Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer-it's up to you; IDMBT#9
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Since you posted the same pics in botht he new owners and the general bike forums, I am going to combine the two threads in the new owners for housekeeping.
thank you i appreciate that.

well i actually bought the bike that way, they guy that use to own it drag raced it at the local drag strip. the first year he won his division, the next year he lost and decided to trade it in. he had it painted a dodge durango blue. he had a full custom exhaust, power comander, and it was lowered with an extended swing arm. as you can see he put it back to stock before he traded it in (which kinda sucks because i would love to have that stuff back on the busa). but i also look at it this way, at least i can make it my own and not someone elses

i myself am thinking about repainting her baby blue with maybe a dragon graphic but i'm still debating on it. i would like to do an extended swing arm with maybe a muzzy exhaust but i'm still looking at my options

as for me i've been riding bike's for about 5 years, i would say ten but i am going on a 5 year hiatis.

my previous bikes were a 1974 honda cb500t, and a 1980 yamaha xs 11 special. and now my first sports bike an 02 busa which i love very much.
wow.. heh im resurrecting the thread from when the previous owner of my bike joined..

im getting all nostalgic..:laugh:

Im sure someone will get mad but this is kinda cool!
lol no I own this bike now.. he made this thread when he got it..

Its just kinda cool to see that and he actually did put muzzy slip ons on it!
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