Must be the day for customer service dilemmas


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Had a similar customer service incident happen. Was e-mailing back and forth with a supplier about ordering a part. From the beginning told them I wanted to know what I needed to do to get the part by last Saturday. They told me place the order and use Express Mail to ensure that it gets there. Did that and guess what - I'm still waiting for the part.

E-mailed to find out what happened and they said that they did not receive the download of the order until Friday at noon and their Express Mail shipments went out at 9:30. Part didn't leave until Saturday (the day it was supposed to arrive) and it's not here. Express Mail (Next Day) was $25, Priority Mail (2-5 Days) was $9 (probably would have been here today). I asked for a refund of the shipping or the difference between the two prices and was told too bad. They have policies for a reason.

They also told me that if I had e-mailed them to let them know that I had placed the order and wanted it delivered by Saturday they would have sent it out Friday morning. Since when do you have to e-mail a company to let them know you have purchased from them.

I don't get upset about a whole lot, but this was too much. Would have been better if I had received it today, but I continue to wait. Sorry for the rant!
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Yep, got told to take it up with the post office because they had my money.