mufflers for a 2006 hayabusa

i am new to the page...............

i just bouhgt a 2006 hayabusa with 891 miles on it. its not my first bike, So far i love it but i want it to sound better. what do yall think about the yosi rs33 slip ons. do they come in a race version and a street version. let me know what yall think.... thanks


Can't speak for the Yosi, but my D&D cans sound sweet. Nice mellow rumble and don't shreek like a banshee.

Hope you find what you want and :welcome:


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I have found you tube to be good source to get a little sample preview of the sound
this was a gen 2 didn't see a gen 1
thanks for the reply guys !!!!

My good friend has an 08 busy with the same yosi as in the video. I love the way they sound. i have heard that there are 2 types of yosi for my bike, a race version and a street version that are nothing more than stock. I want the race version if this is true. From what I understand the race version mufflers have a baffle that you can remove just like the gen2 "s. have yall heard that or does anyone know if there are 2 versions. I have asked some of the e-bay stores about them {via e-mail} and they dont really know ,they just sell them!
I also wanted to tell yall about the new bell star helmet. i bought 1 from helmet harbor and i love it!!! Again thanks for the reply's and the WELCOME !!!!!


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:welcome:aboard. I run a 4 - 2 - 1 on my '06. It sounds real nice and every1 tells me it sounds really good rollin' out. I'd like a little more throat personally, but that would bring more unwanted attention.
Welcome aboard. I have an exhaust for sale in the classifieds. It's a Boz Brothers racing Moira. KInda loud (no cans at all) but you get tons of power on the top end out of it.

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