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    I recently made a several mods to my Busa, one of those mods was removing my Hines pipe and adding an 8" muffler tip to my 4 to 1 header. The Bike sounds awesome!!!!!! not to mention, the bike looks great!!!!I got the idea from a modified Hayabusa at Roaring Toyz during a trip to their shop..(BTW, if you have not been there, you should take the time to go) anyways, I remove the pipe and I am, and have been running straight header. Two bike mechanics said it should be fine,  I tend to run, not religiously, though.  Not sure if any one has done this. I do not currently have a PCIII on the bike , however I am contemplating the idea and having it dyno'd.   Just curious is anyone currently or in the past have done the same modifications, any issues? rock.gif Or does anyone see an issue with that type of set up? rock.gif   I attached a pic, to show what it looks like......BTW, this is not my bike in the pic , however very close to it...

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