mudflap on an 08


I'm removing the mudflap on an 08. I'm stuck on the License plate light. Is there a way to remove it without cutting the wires?
I just cut it, I was in the same place as you, but splitting them up again turned out to be a lot easier than I thought though, and I suck at electronics.
what bracket did you go with? wondering b/c i am holding my plate on with a couple of zip ties on the passenger peg. Seeing how Fl decided to make an illegal plate mount a $1000 ticket, I figure I should place it correct. :laugh:
I am going to do the reflector trick. Remove the reflectors from the undertail, take the reflectors off there bracket and use those brackets to hold the License. They have a tutorial here somewhere.
You don't have to cut it, but you have to take the entire rear fairing off to get to the's in the shop manual that is linked to this site...
I know it was a pain to do but I unplugged it and took it off without removing the rear fairing. I don't remember exactly how I did it though, but I know its possible.